Update from ISC Mana Resident Olga Alexander

At a time when categories or boundaries are being dissolved or at least blurred isn’t it peculiar that almost anyone outside of the arts still holds them dear! Me thinks it’s the work of engineers and coders obsessed with big data and algorithms, all wanting to analyze your next purchase, if not predetermine it, just kidding, barely 🙂  Continue reading

I’m Too Hot to Make Art!

How to Mix Koolaid and Alcohol (detail)

As temperatures rise above 95 degrees, I’m hot, bothered and bewildered by everything!  At Mana I wish I had a skateboard just so I can, at least, occasionally, feel the wind go through my hair as I glide down the endless hallway to the bathroom, to the sink or even, gasp, the elevator. In my studio there’s plenty to keep me occupied but with the heat I have lost the energy; besides every time I go to retrieve anything from the floor, my head feels as though it will explode, what to do, I distract myself; I snack on junk, drink and well, breathe deeply. Continue reading