Looking back on the ISC residency at GFS: Nooshin

It’s been a week that my residency in grounds for sculpture is over. Looking back at my works in the residency, it surprises me how much my work has changes during such a short amount of time.

Working almost every night by lotus pond taking out a dead tree’s root, experiencing a different work schedule which was not based on what I decide to do in my studio, but it depended on what nature brought to me made me become a better observer. Continue reading

Continuing the dual life: Underground

The last two weeks were full of adventures in and out of grounds for sculpture. Visiting Johnson Atelier, and digital Atelier where they make big sculptures, having an artist talk, studio visits and etc.

The most exciting adventure though was visiting Mana contemporary in Jersey City. One of the largest contemporary art organizations in US, as the tour leader said, in a renovated tobacco company with gorgeous metal doors and amazing art collection bringing together performers and visual artists under the same roof of a unique architecture. Where we had the chance to visit amazing artist Gina Miccinilli and Olga Alexander, artist residence in Mana as well as checking out Contemporary Iranian artist show. Continue reading

The Dual Life of Grounds for Sculpture: ISC Resident Nooshin Hakim Javadi

Last weekend, when I still couldn’t believe it, I arrived at Grounds For Sculpture park to start my residency. The first two days I was so amazed by the beauty of the ground, the landscape and the amount of works in the park. This amazement continued by the delightful hospitality of International Sculpture Center and Grounds For Sculpture staff during the week. After having the first breakfast with ISC and GFS’ staff I realized how much everyone is truly welcoming and excited to help us in our journey. Also I was lucky enough to be studio mate with the other artist in residence, Shawn Creeden, a free spirit artist who is a great participant in my adventures to see the night life in hidden corners of the beautifully designed landscape. Continue reading