In the Studio with Mariko Mori: At One with the Universe

Forging New Relationships among Humans and Nature

With the new century, Mariko Mori’s art changed from super-sleek fashion and commercial “pop” images of herself and others into art without human bodies that focuses on notions of inner peace; oneness with the cycles of life and history; and art oriented toward harmony with nature, the environment, the solar system, and other humans.  Mori’s exhibition Rebirth at Japan Society features four thematic sections: emerging life, the origin of things; rupture; and rebirth, symbolized by the artist’s vision of a white hole emerging from a black hole. Her extensive research into prehistoric periods as well as into cosmology, including  neutrinos born from supernovas – the birth and death of stars – is all in the service of figuring out, by connecting science with art, how humans can be one with the universe. Continue reading

Hidden Nature

Asuka-Hishiki-01-smlIn the deep wintertime – on the eve of a colossal snowstorm – you would not imagine half a dozen artists creating work based on nature in the middle of the Bronx. Yet six artists – Manuel Acevedo, Zachary Fabri, Asuka Hishiki, Maria Hupfield, Paloma McGregor and Linda Stillman – are facing the dormant winter landscape at Wave Hill, a twenty-eight-acre public garden and cultural center in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, and initiating works inspired by their surroundings as part of a six week Winter Workshop Program. Continue reading