Kathy Ruttenberg on Broadway’s Upcoming Public Fantasy: in dreams awake


Kathy Ruttenberg, In Sync, 2018. 96” high x 52” diameter. Broadway Ave and 72ND St.
Image Courtesy of Fionn Reilly

From April 27TH through February 2019, after a tremendous amount of artistic labor and industry, a display of six large-scale sculptures will linger, like a daydream, along the pedestrian great green way of Manhattan’s Broadway—between 64TH and 157TH St. Kathy Ruttenberg on Broadway: in dreams awake is a commissioned project by the Broadway Mall Association; organized in coordination with NYC Parks, who for over 50 years has brought contemporary public artworks to the city’s parks, establishing New York City as one of the world’s largest open-air galleries. Continue reading

Raphael Pangilinan, Obscurité, 2018


Raphael Pangilinan, Obscurité, 2018. 13ft x 8ft x 9ft high. MANA Contemporary BSMT Vault. Image
Courtesy of the Artist

The grounds of an industrial two-million square-foot building in Jersey City are home to one of the most influential art centers in the state of New Jersey. Since its foundation in 2011, MANA Contemporary has progressed to become a collaborative environment that supports the emergent generation of artists by means of facilitating private studios, a myriad of workspaces, art programs and residencies. Through its ongoing supportive aid, they aim to foster local and international sourced innovations, collaborations, entrepreneurships and exhibitions. Continue reading

Shane Darwent at the SPRING/BREAK Art Show: Suburban Psalm


Shane Darwent, Suburban Psalm, 2018 Photograph: Samuel Morgan Photography for SPRING/BREAK Art Show

The 2018 SPRING/BREAK Art Show celebrated its seventh anniversary on two abandoned floors of a corporate high-rise in Times Square. Catalogued as one of the most experimental art fairs in New York, the S/BAS aims to exhibit artwork, with a low-cost entry, through underutilized New York City spaces that are uncommon to the traditional cultural landscape the art market has set as a rigid example. Both founders, Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly—with a creative superstaff that has organized, curated, facilitated and produced events inside the “Big Apple”—provide an internationally recognized art platform that delivers established and emergent artwork from around the world, customarily but not exclusively during the Armory Show, Volta NY, Independent and NADA. Continue reading

In the Studio with Tmima

tmima sculpture

The Bomb, 2018. Wood, metal, paper, styrofoam, paint. (13.5in x 6in x 8.5in)

Tmima is an internationally renowned Israeli artist. At sixteen she was accepted to the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem on a full scholarship, where she ultimately graduated. After graduating she received the American-Israeli Cultural Foundation Scholarship and moved to Europe, following the stirring urge of a friend to showcase her work around France, Italy and Switzerland. Tmima is a prolific, disciplined and talented artist who has been exhibited in many museums, galleries and permanent collections around the world. She left Paris to live in SoHo, Manhattan, where she increased her focus on sculptures. Continue reading