Creating a Great Gallery Experience

Gallery Sculpture

Exhibition visitors. Photo by: Jeff Taylor – uncommon photography

One of the exercises I conduct with my Artrepreneurship students at the Center for Innovation at Metropolitan State University of Denver is to brainstorm on what makes a great gallery experience.  Many artists show and sell their work in a physical gallery, many have only an online presence and many have both.  No matter whether your work is displayed in a physical location or in the virtual world, a great gallery experience matters. Continue reading

Does it make sense for artists to place advertisements?


Investing in one’s career is often touted as a sound business move, an act of confidence in the future, the cost of doing business, taking responsibility – that kind of talk. But, which career investments actually give you a return on that investment? For artists, most would agree that art school tuition was a vital expense, as are art supplies, a studio rental and the cost of creating a Web site to display and promote their work. Other forms of investment are more debatable, such as publishing a catalogue of your own artwork, hiring a publicist or career coach. (Certainly, some artists claim these expenditures are a major part of their success.) Continue reading

Sculpting a Great Brand


This is my first article for the International Sculpture Center Blog and I am looking forward to being a part of your blog community.  I am also looking forward to learning about the art of sculpture – this should be very cool!  I will be writing articles to help you market your art, stand out in a competitive world and build your brand.  There is probably not a better place to start than by taking a look at your brand. Continue reading

Art Marketing 101: An Artist’s Guide to a Succesful Business Plan

Art Marketing 101: An Artist’s Guide to a Succesful Business Plan 192 pages $19.95 Penn Valley, CA: ArtNetwork, 2013 ISBN: 978-0940899-80-3

Constance Smith’s Art Marketing 101 is now in its 4th edition (just released in March). The book is structured like a workbook, walking the beginning artist through “Business Basics,” “Legal Issues,” “Strategies,” “Networking,” “Exposure,”  and “Strategic Planning,”  with spaces for the reader’s responses to specific questions and to broader planning suggestions. It leads directly to the same publisher’s Advanced Strategies for Marketing Art, dealing with the subject in more concrete terms, such as where to market. Continue reading