In the Studio: Iván Navarro Lights Dark Issues

Ivan Navarro Sculpture

Iván Navarro, (detail) Red and Blue Electric Chair, 2003. Photo by Thelma Garcia

Eureka! Before we get to Iván Navarro’s work at the Guggenheim, in Korea, and in Madison Square Park, his new Rizzoli/Skira book, along with his need to cancel his exhibition in Ukraine, let me share my Iván Navarro moment. It came six months after walking past his memorable red and blue electric chair in Miami.  Continue reading

Constellations of the City | Lee Montgomery


Empty space is no longer empty. It is swarming with information. Electromagnetic waves carry Wifi signals, radio transmissions, cell phone data packets, and the stray snatches of Bluetooth and other near-field network communications through the air ceaselessly. And even when all the humans have gone home and left an area, our automated systems keep tabs on the space, collecting images with CCTV, sounds from automatic microphones designed to pinpoint gunshots, and electronic monitoring of all kinds from satellites above.  Continue reading

Trip the Light Fantastic

James-Turrell-featureVisitors to the Guggenheim Museum this summer look a lot like Sistine Chapel tourists. They are all gazing heavenward.  In Vatican City, they are exalting in Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam fresco. In New York, crowds are rubbernecking at James Turrell’s light installations, especially the artist’s Aten Reign, 2013 which fills Frank Lloyd Wright’s rotunda with successive rings of subtly shifting color.  At both sites reverence, meditation and a profound viewing experience result. Continue reading