Hello from B55, my BSMT studio at Mana Contemporary

There have been a lot of interesting things happening in the studio! Having the time and space to work at Mana Contemporary has been really great to explore many new processes in my work. I have several projects going at once! First, I have created 14 parochial collars total. All of them have been fabricated out of sheet metal and have been decorated with lace and various fabrics. The other component for this project is creating cast metal bows. Continue reading

From Katie’s BSMT Studio at Mana Contemporary


Hello! From my BSMT studio at Mana Contemporary! During my time here I have been working on several projects that are a variety of different mediums.

Currently, I am interested in the various perceptions society has on women, I am particularly drawn to how women and beauty relate. Throughout history women have felt the need to reach certain beauty ideals. They would participate in self deprecating beauty rituals to reach this societal standard. Some examples include using lead based pigments to attain pale skin or wearing restraining corsets to achieve a thinner waistline. Continue reading