Early History of the International Sculpture Center

International Sculpture Center

First office of the i.s.c. on the KU campus

The Second National Sculpture Casting Conference was held in Lawrence, Ks.  April 12, 13, 14 1962.  Note the name change, the first conference was called the National Sculpture Bronze Casting Conference.  This second one ditched the word “bronze” but was still all about casting.

The titles of the presentations are once again a how to for foundry work, Wax Patterns, Sprue Systems, Investments, Investment Burnout, Metallurgy of Cast Bronze, Joining and   Chasing, Pagination and on and on. Continue reading

Early History of The ISC In Lawrence, KS

Keepers of the Universe by Eldon Tefft

My sister Laura has been an artist since we were kids.  When she was in her early twenties, Poco Frazier whispered in her ear that she was a sculptor.  The poor girl hasn’t been the same since.

Bernard “Poco” Frazier was a professor in sculpture in the architecture school at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Ks. It is telling that sculpture was taught and was a part of the architecture school at that time.   Frazier had studied and worked with Laredo Taft in Chicago. Continue reading