Los Outsiders

Los Outsiders Sculpture

Installation view, Gently Fried. Courtesy Los Outsiders

Founded in 2007, Los Outsiders is a powerhouse of a curatorial collective in Austin, TX. Made up of artists Jaime Salvador Castillo, Michael Anthony García, Hector Hernandez, and Robert Jackson Harrington, Los Outsiders is a group of forward thinking change makers invested in community engagement, opportunity creation, and the responsibility of place. Michael Anthony García kindly took the time to share the history of Los Outsiders and give us a peek into their future projects. Continue reading

Wade Schaming: Texas Towers

Showtime Tower. Courtesy the artist.

Brooklyn-based artist Wade Schaming spent the month of August as an artist-in residence at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin. The Museum of Human Achievement, also known as MOHA, is a multi-disciplinary arts space located in a warehouse (previously a sex toy factory) on the quickly changing east side of the city. During his time at MOHA, Schaming made and presented a series of found object sculptures using his own particular system of collection, arrangement, and ideological construction. Continue reading

Richard P. Mansfield: Politics and Trepidations

Richard Mansfield sculpture


Richard P. Mansfield  grew up in the northwest United States as a pastor’s kid. His father was a nondenominational pastor and his mother taught Sunday school and played the church piano in small towns through out Washington and Oregon. Attending Central Washington University for his undergraduate work, his first interest as a major was political science, the second sociology, and then he found sculpture. Nothing compared. In 2004 he received an MFA in sculpture from California State University, Fullerton. His work deals with political ideology, religious philosophies, the history of sculptural materials, and the implication of midcentury aesthetics. Mansfield is an artist and educator living and working in Austin, Texas. Continue reading

The 2014-15 Austin Critics’ Table Awards

Susi Brister Sculpture

Susi Brister, Rainbow Stripes at Women and Their Work.

Austin is well known as a DIY city – from unique patio bars to charming boutiques full of Austin-made goods, the scene is small, crafted, and in many cases inimitable. The 2014-15 Austin Critics’ Table awards are exemplary of these traits in many ways, the first being the very nature of the awards. Given by an informal group of arts writers from the Austin Chronicle and the Austin-American Statesman, the awards are meant to applaud and encourage exceptional accomplishment in a broad variety of arts disciplines. The list of critics and writers who chose this year’s awards is a veritable blue book of the most active arts writers in central Texas: Cate Blouke, Claire Canavan, Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Elizabeth Cobbe, Robert Faires, Caitlin Greenwood, Luke Quinton, Adam Roberts, Claire Spera, Seth Orion Schwaiger, and Jonelle Seitz. Continue reading

Texas Society of Sculptors


With over one hundred members working in a variety of mediums and styles, the Texas Society of Sculptors is a non-profit organization chartered in 1971 in order to educate the public about sculpture, promote the work of sculptors, and serve as a liaison between sculptors nationally. While it is a Texas-based organization, membership is open to sculptors and sculpture enthusiasts nationally. In this months post, several board members of the Texas Society of Sculptors were kind enough to share their thoughts and experiences about their time with TSOS and in Austin.  Continue reading

The Sculpture Ranch and Galleries in Johnson City, Texas



About an hour and a half outside of Austin in the small town of Johnson City, TX there is a beautiful ranch nestled in the dramatic Texas hills just a few miles away from the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site. The property, owned by LBJ himself in the 1960s, was the home and studio of the artist Benini and his wife Lorraine from 1999 until 2014. In the fall of last year Historian Tracy N. Poe, PhD and Molecular Pharmacologist Greg F. Sullivan II, PhD bought the property and began their transition from Chicago to Texas. They are currently working on their unique vision for this spectacularly beautiful ranch.  Continue reading

Amy Yoes, Ezra Masch, and Tim Schmidt on Participation and Architecture

Ezra Masch Sculpture

Ice, Ezra Masch courtesy the artist.

Ultraviolet, a recent three-person exhibition at the wonderful MASS Gallery in Austin, incorporated sculpture, installation, photography and experiential works by artists Amy Yoes, Ezra Masch, and Tim Schmidt. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and encompassing many different ways of thinking and making, we corresponded about a few of the threads that tie their work together: ideas of audience, participation, and architecture.  Continue reading