In the Studio with Adam Crosson

Adam Crosson Sculpture

In Passing. Photo courtesy the artist

Adam Crosson is an artist working in Austin, TX where he recently received his MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from the University of Texas at Austin and is a Co-Director of the house gallery Pig & Pony. With a background in architecture, a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arkansas to be exact, Crosson comes to making from a unique perspective. Ranging from outdoor work using concrete and steel to his current black and white photographs made with enormous homemade cameras, Crosson works with conditions of site, identity, and place. Continue reading

In the Studio with Cameron Coffman

Cameron Coffman Sculpture

24 Hour Clinic. Courtesy of the artist

Born and raised in Austin, Cameron Coffman is an artist working in sculpture, photography, and video. With a careful eye on the quotidian, Coffman translates mundane moments and objects through her own logic. Coffman has a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and attended the Summer Studio Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. A key young artist in Austin, Coffman has grown with the art scene and has been involved with nearly every notable institution in town. We spoke about her process, the crossovers between sculpture and photography, and her perspectives on Austin. Continue reading

Leslie Moody Castro: Between Texas and Mexico

Leslie Moody Castro Sculpture

Installation view of Transitios, Artpace San Antonio

Leslie Moody Castro is an independent curator working between Texas and Mexico City. Castro holds a Masters from the University of Texas at Austin in Museum Education and Museum studies and a Bachelors degree from DePaul University in Chicago, with several years of writing and curation in between. Writing for Artfourm, Glasstire, and DailyServing among many others, Castro moves seamlessly between the roles of writer, critic, and curator. Her perspective on engagement is unique as she considers herself to be a shaper of conversations, a proponent of what she calls “active visitor participation”. Castro was kind enough to speak about her engagement with Mexico City, her road to curation, and the delicacy of place.    Continue reading

In the Studio with Alyssa Taylor Wendt

Alyssa Taylor Wendt

UrGear (2015). Full caption below.

Born and raised in New York City, Austin based artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt works between film, installation, and object making. With an undergraduate degree in photography from New York University, a Masters of Fine Arts from the International Center of Photography and Bard College, time spent in rock bands, independent films, and as an antiquarian in between, Wendt’s life experiences have congealed into the making of her work. Using her nature as a collector to prop her films and source materials for object making, time as a musician to create scores, a background in photography that translates seamlessly into moving image, and her interest in the supernatural and animism as a conceptual drive, she brings a plethora of both personal and universal questions into her work. Wendt was kind enough to sit down and chat about her process, experience in Austin, and current projects. Continue reading

Rebecca Marino of Pump Project

Pump Project Sculpture

Rebecca Marino, Observatory Floor. Courtsey artist.

Rebecca Marino began her relationship with Pump Project as a volunteer during her sophomore year at St. Edwards University and has been a part of the organization ever since. She is now the Co-Director of Pump Project with a particular focus on curation and development. From the beginning she was taken with the diversity of skills needed to run a hands-on, DIY, warehouse style gallery and studio complex. Now, as the Gallery Director and unofficial head of development, she does everything from painting pedestals and working with artists to writing grants and learning the ins and outs of city funding.  Continue reading

Jade Walker on Strange Pilgrims


See caption at the end of article.

Strange Pilgrims is a three part exhibition on view at the at the Jones Center, Laguna Gloria, and the Visual Arts Center in the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin. Including Charles Atlas, Trisha Baga, Millie Chen, Phil Collins, Andy Coolquitt, Ayşe Erkmen, Roger Hiorns, Nancy Holt, Lakes Were Rivers, Angelbert Metoyer, Bruce Nauman, Yoko Ono, Paul Sharits, and Sofía Táboas, Strange Pilgrims is an ambitious show organized by the Contemporary Austin and curated by Senior Curator Heather Pesanti. Vigorously engaging with a breadth of experiential work ranging from video to installation, sculpture and more, Strange Pilgrims shrewdly connects both internationally recognized and emerging artists with critical histories to create an experimental yet tight web of context and discourse. Pairing with the Visual Arts Center (VAC), the Contemporary expanded into the university territory and thus a dialog with a new subset of viewers, University of Texas at Austin students. The director of the VAC, Jade Walker, generously shared her insights about the preparation process and the VAC’s role in its realization. Continue reading