In the Studio with Michelle Day

Michelle Day Sculpture

Michelle Day, Afterglow, 2016 (interior view)

Michelle Day is an artist currently based in Canberra, Australia and completing her MFA at Chiang Mai University. Dealing with ideas of interconnection, intimacy, and proximity through material exploration, Day’s work offers unlikely moments of intuitive connection through objects. Taking particular moments and questions, from the feeling of someone’s recent presence in a space to  visceral sensations translated through sight, these flashes of energy are translated into her careful, and often delicate, sculptures. Continue reading

Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook and Gallery Seescape

Torlarp Larpjaroensook

Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook Work.

Artist, designer, and gallery founder Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook doesn’t let much get in his way. On a beautiful sunny November day with the sounds of his assistants steadily working in the background, Hern and I sat down in his beautiful Chiang Mai home and studio space to talk about the evolution of his work, Gallery Seescape, and the art community of Chiang Mai. Continue reading


Lauren Anderson Sculpture

Lauren Anderson – The Piano in the Room – courtest of Permanent Collection.

Two years ago Anthony B. Creeden & Julia V. Hendrickson started the house gallery Permanent.Collection on the bustling East Side of Austin. Since then, Permanent.Collection has presented seven exhibitions pairing artists from Texas with artists from Creeden and Hendrickson’s last home, Chicago. With a strong belief in the platform of experimental spaces and the power of connecting artists based in disparate places, Permanent.Collection has proven to be an incredibly important presence in the Austin arts community. Continue reading

Interview with Zachary Betts

Betts Zachary Sculpture

Betts Zachary, The Look Back

Zachary Betts is an artist currently living and working in Austin, TX. Betts’ work, a carefully reorganized consideration of the objects and spaces around us, is precise yet ineffably mortal, demanding time and careful looking in order for its intricacies and relationships to unfold. He was generous enough to talk about the nature of his present sculptures, the shifts in his work over time, and how the logic of casting has made its way into his current way of making. Continue reading

In the Studio with Adam Crosson

Adam Crosson Sculpture

In Passing. Photo courtesy the artist

Adam Crosson is an artist working in Austin, TX where he recently received his MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from the University of Texas at Austin and is a Co-Director of the house gallery Pig & Pony. With a background in architecture, a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arkansas to be exact, Crosson comes to making from a unique perspective. Ranging from outdoor work using concrete and steel to his current black and white photographs made with enormous homemade cameras, Crosson works with conditions of site, identity, and place. Continue reading

In the Studio with Cameron Coffman

Cameron Coffman Sculpture

24 Hour Clinic. Courtesy of the artist

Born and raised in Austin, Cameron Coffman is an artist working in sculpture, photography, and video. With a careful eye on the quotidian, Coffman translates mundane moments and objects through her own logic. Coffman has a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and attended the Summer Studio Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. A key young artist in Austin, Coffman has grown with the art scene and has been involved with nearly every notable institution in town. We spoke about her process, the crossovers between sculpture and photography, and her perspectives on Austin. Continue reading