Aimee Gilmore: The Materiality of Motherhood


Aimee Gilmore, Milkscape (Chamber). Courtesy the artist.

Aimee Gilmore is an artist based in Philadelphia whose current work is intimately connected with her experiences as a mother. Working across a variety of media, from breast milk and baby clothes to neon and rubber, she oscillates between the miraculous moments and the banal aspects of motherhood. Turning over ideas of time and nostalgia, Gilmore’s work deals with the emotions and objects of motherhood by giving voice to an experience that is so often taken for granted. In this interview, Gilmore shares about the trajectory of her work, nostalgia, and the marginalization of motherhood.    Continue reading

In the Studio with New Zealand artist Erica van Zon

Banh-Mi. Photography: Richard Wotton, Courtesy of the Sarjeant Gallery, Te Whare o Rehua, Whanganui.

Erica van Zon is a multimedia artist based in Wellington, NZ working between a variety of media and taking inspiration from local histories, popular culture, jumble sales, and everything in between. She was gracious enough to share about her process, relationship to nostalgia, research, and more. Continue reading

MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum

MAIIAM Exterior. Courtesy MAIIAM.

MAIIAM is a beautiful private museum of contemporary art in Chiang Mai, Thailand started by Jean Michel Beurdeley and his late wife Patsri Bunnag, together with their son Eric Bunnag Booth. The name of the museum, a play on words meaning “brand new” in Thai, is a combination of the word “new” and a tribute to Mr. Booth’s great grand aunt Jao Jom Iam, a royal consort to King Rama V, who lived in a time when Thailand moved decisively into modernity. Opening MAIIAM in July of 2016, the family wished to share their private collection with the Thai public in order to show how art can enrich lives and provide new perspectives. Providing a definitively international contemporary art destination in Northern Thailand as well as strengthening the already flourishing Chiang Mai art scene, MAIIAM offers the public permanent access to important collections of both Thai and regional contemporary art. Continue reading

In the Studio with Michelle Day

Michelle Day Sculpture

Michelle Day, Afterglow, 2016 (interior view)

Michelle Day is an artist currently based in Canberra, Australia and completing her MFA at Chiang Mai University. Dealing with ideas of interconnection, intimacy, and proximity through material exploration, Day’s work offers unlikely moments of intuitive connection through objects. Taking particular moments and questions, from the feeling of someone’s recent presence in a space to  visceral sensations translated through sight, these flashes of energy are translated into her careful, and often delicate, sculptures. Continue reading

Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook and Gallery Seescape

Torlarp Larpjaroensook

Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook Work.

Artist, designer, and gallery founder Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook doesn’t let much get in his way. On a beautiful sunny November day with the sounds of his assistants steadily working in the background, Hern and I sat down in his beautiful Chiang Mai home and studio space to talk about the evolution of his work, Gallery Seescape, and the art community of Chiang Mai. Continue reading


Lauren Anderson Sculpture

Lauren Anderson – The Piano in the Room – courtest of Permanent Collection.

Two years ago Anthony B. Creeden & Julia V. Hendrickson started the house gallery Permanent.Collection on the bustling East Side of Austin. Since then, Permanent.Collection has presented seven exhibitions pairing artists from Texas with artists from Creeden and Hendrickson’s last home, Chicago. With a strong belief in the platform of experimental spaces and the power of connecting artists based in disparate places, Permanent.Collection has proven to be an incredibly important presence in the Austin arts community. Continue reading

Interview with Zachary Betts

Betts Zachary Sculpture

Betts Zachary, The Look Back

Zachary Betts is an artist currently living and working in Austin, TX. Betts’ work, a carefully reorganized consideration of the objects and spaces around us, is precise yet ineffably mortal, demanding time and careful looking in order for its intricacies and relationships to unfold. He was generous enough to talk about the nature of his present sculptures, the shifts in his work over time, and how the logic of casting has made its way into his current way of making. Continue reading