Voyages, Alien Sperm Fruit and Coco-Skins

Bubbles series grande 1 work in progress

What an eventful month! Travel to new places, visitors, experimenting in new media and new works.

The beginning of July offered me the opportunity to travel to the Antilles Islands and see new and unexpected things. I was concerned that leaving for a few days in the midst of the residency would break my stride. Instead I found that the experience provided me with so much inspiration! Continue reading

Community and Space – The relationship between artist/studio art practice and identity

At ISC Gala honoring Lynda Benglis and Tony Cragg lifetime achievement award gala.
From left to right: Me, Emily Nelms Perez, ISC member, Katie Hovencamp, Olga Alexander

First off, it is an absolute thrill to have been awarded the ISC residency at Mana  Contemporary, and would like to thank International Sculpture Center for this opportunity!  I had visited Mana Last Spring for an open house event last season and was immediately impressed by the communal artistic energy reverberating throughout its massive cavernous spaces.  I wanted so much to be part of it. Continue reading