Artists Not Doing So Badly After All


Presumably, we all are aware that people with college degrees earn on the average two-and-a-half times that earned by those with only high school diplomas and that college graduates have suffered less from the recent recession than those who don’t hold a Bachelor’s degree. But is any of this true for college graduates who majored in art or just for those who earned degrees in science and technology? Continue reading

Art Marketing 101: An Artist’s Guide to a Succesful Business Plan

Art Marketing 101: An Artist’s Guide to a Succesful Business Plan 192 pages $19.95 Penn Valley, CA: ArtNetwork, 2013 ISBN: 978-0940899-80-3

Constance Smith’s Art Marketing 101 is now in its 4th edition (just released in March). The book is structured like a workbook, walking the beginning artist through “Business Basics,” “Legal Issues,” “Strategies,” “Networking,” “Exposure,”  and “Strategic Planning,”  with spaces for the reader’s responses to specific questions and to broader planning suggestions. It leads directly to the same publisher’s Advanced Strategies for Marketing Art, dealing with the subject in more concrete terms, such as where to market. Continue reading