L.A. Artist Gary Simpson


Gary Simpson Sculpture

Current mix of all 193 countries magnified 125 times.

Ever since September 11th, 2001, when the World Trade Center complex in New York was struck by al-Qaeda terrorists and collapsed, killing almost 3,000 people, artist Gary Simpson has been making artwork  that sifts through the trauma of those events , visually underscoring  our human responsibility  to care for the planet we all call home. Indeed, according to today’s astrophysicists, amidst the planets in our solar system, earth alone supports what we call human life.  From the vantage point of our ‘aloneness’ in our solar system, it is intriguing and knowing that Simpson’s choice artistic material is the soil of the earth itself. Continue reading

I Want to Make a Phone Call


This past March, in the city of Laguna Beach, California, a tribute to the past was wryly transformed into a work of art by Michael Graham. As in years past, he decided to respond to the city’s call for a new temporary artwork that will remain in situ for roughly two years. For its site, the artist proposed to create a sculptural ode to the telephone era, which has predominantly been replaced by digital technologies Continue reading

Sarkisian & Sarkisian at Orange County Museum of Art

Paul Sarkisian Sculpture

Paul Sarkisian, El Paso.

This exhibition unfurls a visual symphony of postmodern artworks in which two artists, a father named Paul Sarkisisn and his son Peter unfurl visual dialogues that linger in the mind’s eye, long after the viewer leaves the exhibition. Early-on, Paul studied at the Chicago Art Institute and then settled in the L.A. area during the late 1950’s where he presented work at the renown Ferrus gallery.  Continue reading

Hung Liu | The Other Side

Sculpture Hung Liu

Hung Liu, Jiu Jin Shan, 2014, Train tracks and fortune cookies, Courtesy of the artist.

Through July 20th, the museum is featuring a contemporary exhibition entitled The Other Side: Chinese and Mexican Immigration to America that re-examines the legacies of past and contemporary migrations to America as defined by the five artists Hung Liu, Andrea Bowers, Margarita Cabrera, Zin Lin, and Tony de los Reyes. Amongst these the sculptural work created by Hung Liu is particularly salutary. Continue reading

Room to Live | Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Sculpture Room to Live

Marni Weber, Giggle of Clowns. Installation view of Room to Live: Recent Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection, October 5 – March 30, 2014 at MOCA Grand Avenue, photo by Brian Forrest, courtesy of MOCA

As I write, the art community in Los Angeles is preparing to welcome the new Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Philippe Vergne, who heralds from New York.  Celebrations are planned for a welcoming party on March 31st at the Museum’s Geffen location. Vergne, who had been Director of the Dia Art Foundation, told the L.A.Times, that his first task as director “is not to act quickly but to think and plan deeply.”  This strikes many here as wise and in tune with the building of professional alliances that are essential for establishing successful leadership. Continue reading