An Interview with Joanne Bloch


Joanne Bloch created for the South African pavilion of the 55th Venice Biennale, clay replicas of items with various historical, personal and material values. She painted them all gold and presented them together in museum display cases. This installation, which she titled “Hoard” provokes attention on the arbirary nature of objects’ value but also the possibility that historically loaded items can be accidentally overlooked and misevaluated. Continue reading

An Interview with Jeremy Deller


We are what we like, as Jeremy Deller demonstrates. The London-born and based conceptual artist’s videos and sculptural installations highlight how consumption reflects and shapes contemporary identity. Winning the Turner Prize in 2004 and representing Britain at last year’s Biennale proves Deller’s position as a forerunning artistic commentator on England’s historical and current day identity. Continue reading

Alex Arcadia’s SuperGymnast

image-6-featureAs a post-millennium Vênus de Willendorf, Alex Arcadia’s SuperGymnast’s breasts, belly and thighs are flawlessly taunt and smooth. The SuperGymnast is Arcadia’s primal goddess designed to reign over the BrightShinyFuture, his fully formed multi-media alternative universe. In our world, the SuperGymnast has been drawn on public surfaces as graffiti, hung around Arcadia’s neck and positioned in a place of pride atop his “Temple of Fame” at New York’s Stephen Stux Gallery. Here, Arcadia reveals her history, symbolic significance and future highlights. Continue reading

Michael Combs – Hunters

GLINTstudios_21c_WildCard_0Michael Combs reminds us that, as biologist Marc Bekoff wrote, “enthusiasts often like to hang signs that say ‘Gone Fishin’ or ‘Gone Huntin’’. But what these slogans really mean is ‘Gone Killing.’” Like Bekoff, Combs intimately understands the swagger and posturing motivating today’s huntsman. His family were baymen and decoy carvers in Long Island’s Great South Bay since America since the 17th century yet he decided to apply his knowledge of the hunt to a peaceful purpose. Continue reading

Top Five Sculptural Looks | London, New York and Paris


Writing for New York Magazine during the city’s influential Fashion Week, art critic Jerry Saltz movingly reflected on the bygone thoughtfulness, self-reflection and self-challenge of the 1993 Whitney Biennial. If Saltz were an authority on fashion, instead of art, than he would be heartened to see the spirit of that era alive on the world’s major catwalks. The fashion, art and ideology of 1993 were the primary inspirations for Autumn/ Winter 2013. Continue reading