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Suzanne Beal is a critic, arts writer and curator in Seattle. Her writing has appeared in Artdish, Seattle Weekly, Art in America, Art on Paper, Fiber Arts, American Craft, Art Ltd., and Sculpture, among others. She is the author of numerous gallery monographs on and has curated exhibitions and received curatorial commissions throughout the Northwest. She has served as membership chair of ArtTable (Seattle), a national organization for professional women in leadership positions in the visual arts, and as juror, moderator, and panelist for a variety of regional arts organizations including the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture.

Past curatorial projects include New-Age-Old  (Sandpoint Gallery), which offered an opportunity for artists to reflect on the ideals of the nineteenth century and reinterpret them using a twenty-first century perspective; Construction Sight, (Jacob Lawrence Gallery) explored new methods of envisioning urban and natural environments; “Help Me, I’m Hurt” (Kirkland Arts Center) examined the concept of pain in its physical, psychological, spiritual, and cultural manifestations; and Gimme: From Inspiration to Appropriation (Cornish College of the Arts) explored how contemporary artists borrow objects, icons, images and sound from their surroundings, reflecting the culture in which they live and reinterpreting in back into the works they produce.

ISC blog posts will focus on the intersection between public and private art, works that transition from inside to outside the gallery walls, the merging of what could be interpreted as feminine versus masculine, conceptual versus realist, and a range of other seemingly contrasting approaches to art making.

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