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My main interest, since I began my studies in Art History at the University, has been understanding the motivation of artists when engaged in the creative process and analyzing their particular way of reflecting their experience and the world around them. I especially like to observe the relationship they establish with nature and public space through sculpture and installation, and to see how these media evolve formally, often influenced by disciplines outside the world of art, with the goal of achieving a true integration into the environment. More recently, as a deeply Mediterranean person residing in Australia, I love to observe how nature in this country, exuberant and sometimes challenging to European eyes, conditions the work of some artists trained in the European artistic tradition.

Over the last five years I have published several articles and interviews in Sculpture magazine, as well as chapters in ISC monographs. Most of my earlier work was producing and curating “site-specific” works in museums and art centers in Spain. My contribution to the ISC blog will mainly consist in reviewing works and exhibits related to public and open spaces taking place in Australia, as well as monitoring exhibitions in museums and galleries, both Australian and Spanish, where sculpture plays a prominent role.

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  1. Hu I’m so glad I’ve found you! I am in New Zealand and forgot to bring your details. I’m sorry I did not get to catch up with you before I left, it took longer than I hoped to install the work in Terrey Hills. I really hoe to catch up with you when I return. xxx
    PS your work reads beautifully

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