Final Update: Cassidy Frye at Art-St-urban


My favorite view of Basel and the Rhine

There is a satisfaction that comes along with finishing a residency. Art-St-urban is no different with a feeling of accomplishment but and excitement to leave, and return to everyday life after two months it all seems unfamiliar. In my last month at Art-ST-Urban we finally had the chance to work with Asphalt. Heinz Makes a mixture that is fine and can be molded or cast in many different ways. Continue reading

Talks, Tours, and Tech: Natani Notah


Today marks the end of my first week at the International Sculpture Center’s (ISC) residency at Grounds for Sculpture (GFS). Before my plane even landed I felt extremely welcomed by everyone involved. We officially started the week by giving artist talks to ISC and GFS staff, followed by tours of the grounds and studios. Then fellow artist in resident, Layo Bright and I set up our work stations in the MEB Tech Workshop, which will serve as our studio for the remainder of our time here. Continue reading

Closing the Circle: Ernest Daetwyler


Ernest Daetwyler, Ice Bubbles

You can blow soap bubbles in the wintertime, and do it outdoors; it’s not just a summertime, outdoors thing. If you do it carefully enough, you can watch the completed bubble begin to freeze. But there’s a catch: the bubbles, alas, don’t last very long. Freezing creates cracks, and cracks allow trapped air to escape, and, well, you can figure out the rest. Continue reading

Tepantitla at the Broad


Field Station: Claudia Peña Salinas,installation view at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University, 2018. Photo: Eat Pomegranate Photography

There’s a purposeful tension between past and present in Claudia Peňa Salinas’s work.  Her installations evoke ancient Mexican history, but through the sparse language of minimalist grid-like sculptures reminiscent of Sol Lewitt.  Her site-specific works respond to the architecture of the gallery space, and her exhibition at the emphatically modern Broad Art Museum offers a re-creation of Tepantitla, a compound in ancient Mesoamerican city Teotihuacan.  Yet while evoking the ancient past, Salinas’s work also manages to speak to contemporary social issues. Continue reading

Too Close for Comfort


Memorial to a Marriage – Patricia Cronin and Deb Kass.
Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian’s National Portraits Gallery.

Sometimes you go to a museum to see one thing, and bump into another entirely unexpectedly.

A few months ago I went to see the recently unveiled Obama portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. It has become NPG’s practice that presidential portraits join their counterparts on the second floor, while the portrait of a first lady enters the hall of recent acquisitions. Just beyond the queue to see Amy Sherald’s painted portrait of Michelle Obama was another work of significance, lying in state: Memorial to a Marriage, by Patricia Cronin. The work depicts Cronin and her wife, artist Deborah Kass, nude on a bed, tastefully shrouded by a sheet. They rest in an embrace, Kass’s head nuzzled against Cronin’s neck, their toes touching. Continue reading

Luciana Rondolini – Nada es Para Siempre


FIN. Del Infinito. 2018. Mano con cadenas. Yeso, cadenas y perlas de plástico.

Formada en el Instituto Nacional de Arte (IUNA) en artes visuales, con talleres y clínicas de obra realizados con artistas como Hernán Marina, Fabián Burgos, Carlos Huffman y Elsa Soibelman, Luciana Rondolini tiene una carrera que se va abriendo paso sólidamente. Además, sus estudios incluyen programas y becas para artistas tales como el Taller Anti-proyecto de la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (2011); la Primera edición de las clínicas curatoriales Fundación PROA (2014); Proyecto PAC, Prácticas artísticas contemporáneas (2016), todos ellos en Buenos Aires. Sus obras se exhibieron en galerías del exterior –especialmente USA- como The Mission Gallery (Chicago) y Fu art gallery (Miami) y localmente en el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Fundación Proa, galería Miau Miau, el Centro Cultural San Martín, el Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, entre otros. En 2012 fue finalista del Premio Petrobras Arteba y recibió el Premio en obra Barrio Joven por la Fundación Arteba, 2013 y participó en las Ferias Art Berlin Contemporary, Miami Project, Expo Chicago, Parc, Peru y Swab, Barcelona. Continue reading