Us is Them


Jeff Sonhouse, Meeting at the Crossroads, 2003. Oil and mixed media on canvas. Photography courtesy UICA, images captured by Pizzuti Collection

If the exhibition Us is Them at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids seems at times to have an excessively broad focus, I can happily forgive this on the grounds that it had so much to offer.    This is a muscular show that assembles a diverse international ensemble of artists whose work, broadly speaking, addresses social justice and current affairs.  Continue reading

Juan Pablo Ferlat-La escritura sin fin

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Crudo #5, #6 & #7. Fotografía digital, 32 x 45 cm. 2011

Cuando pareciera que está todo inventado, algunos artistas logran encontrar la forma de combinar materiales y técnicas “clásicas” con soportes contemporáneos para materializar sus obras. Así, Juan Pablo Ferlat pone en juego la impresión y escaneo tridimensional, el grabado láser, la fotografía y el video digital con la rusticidad del papel de fibras vegetales, la cera virgen de abejas y el petróleo crudo. Formado como Diseñador de Imagen y Sonido (UBA) y con un posgrado en Programación para el Arte Interactivo del Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte de Buenos Aires, completa sus estudios realizando clínicas con Rodrigo Alonso, Charly Nijensohn, Mariano Sardón, Carlos Trilnick y Gabriel Valansi. En 2007 ganó el Primer Premio Paradigma Digital y en 2009 recibe el  subsidio a la producción otorgado por el Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires. También recibe becas de la Fundación Telefónica, el Banco Itaú, el Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano y Mecenazgo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Sus obras forman parte de colecciones privadas y han sido exhibidas en Buenos Aires, Rosario, Berlín, Los Angeles, Chicago y Houston. Su primera muestra individual llega en 2011 en la galería La ira de Dios. Ferlat focaliza en los procesos detrás de la obra más allá de la materialización misma que es siempre “un estadio del recorrido y no un destino final”, tal sus palabras.  Continue reading

MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum

MAIIAM Exterior. Courtesy MAIIAM.

MAIIAM is a beautiful private museum of contemporary art in Chiang Mai, Thailand started by Jean Michel Beurdeley and his late wife Patsri Bunnag, together with their son Eric Bunnag Booth. The name of the museum, a play on words meaning “brand new” in Thai, is a combination of the word “new” and a tribute to Mr. Booth’s great grand aunt Jao Jom Iam, a royal consort to King Rama V, who lived in a time when Thailand moved decisively into modernity. Opening MAIIAM in July of 2016, the family wished to share their private collection with the Thai public in order to show how art can enrich lives and provide new perspectives. Providing a definitively international contemporary art destination in Northern Thailand as well as strengthening the already flourishing Chiang Mai art scene, MAIIAM offers the public permanent access to important collections of both Thai and regional contemporary art. Continue reading

Walk on the Beach: Things from the Sea, Volume One

Walk on the Beach: Things from the Sea, Volume One  is a residual book, being a text and image diary of passing objects, and a short-term physical meeting of minds within the BABEL working group. Composed of artists, researchers, historians, philosophers and scientists, the group periodically works together, and then disperses; this book is one such meeting’s remnant. Continue reading

Residency Wrap Up: Emily Nelms Perez

My time at MANA BSMT has been pivotal for my work. Over the past six months my practice and conceptual interests have developed in unexpected ways, stepping away from figurative sculpture and digital fabrication, toward assemblage, installation, and concept driven sculptures. In the month to come I am looking forward to a studio visit from a gallery director, the opening HER:HERE, and a duo with Katie Hovencamp (OUR BEST SHOW YET). Also, I am speaking at Keystone College for International Sculpture Day 2017, presenting on the full spectrum of practice, digital and sculptural. In addition, I have been accepted to the University of California Los Angeles, where I will be pursing an MFA and helping to grow their digital fabrication facilities. Continue reading

Residency Wrap Up: Katie Hovencamp

Currently I am working on getting everything together for my upcoming two person exhibition at Mana Contemporary with Emily Nelms Perez. Our exhibition is called Her:Here and it will be opening on April 30th on the 5th floor in the International Sculpture Center office. In order to prep for this exhibition I have been compiling and completing several sculptures. Continue reading

Ilan Sandler: Big, Precisely

Ilan Sandler Sculpture

Ilan Sandler, Double Storey, 2003.

I first encountered the work of Canadian artist Ilan Sandler in the summer of 2004. By “encountered,” I mean the experiential thing, not the second-hand meeting of a sculptor’s work – the mere seeing of it – in an image. This is an important distinction at so many levels, but for me it had to do with a meaningful encounter with scale. With big. Continue reading