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I’m interested in the notion of studio work, in the literal and figurative weights of sculpture, and in alternative materials and processes. Sometimes work has to be heavy to make its point, but, in my opinion, it is problematic to create work that pollutes the environment. I’m interested in visiting the studios of emerging artists, international artists, and artists who use light or innovative materials. My posts will explore what craft, materials, and processes, as well as size, scale, values, and color, mean to the field of sculpture.

As a contributing editor for Sculpture Magazine, I’ve written 17 cover stories and hundreds of interviews, reviews, and essays. I also write for Ceramics Art and Perception, and my work has appeared in The Nation, American Poetry Review, and American Book Review. My books include The Art & Life of Georgia O’Keeffe, Sonia Delaunay: La Moderne, and The Last Frontier. I have curated exhibitions for IAA (International Arts & Artists), the Jane V. Zimmerli Museum, JAMA (Japan Association of Art Museums), and ICPNA (Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano – Lima) and lectured at many institutions. I received two National Endowment for Humanities fellowships and a Camargo Foundation fellowship. See also http://www.jancastro.com.

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  1. Hello Jan! I have tried to contact you recently about writing an essay for an upcoming book I’m writing with my friend, Renee Zettle-Sterling, but the emails bounced (I used the email address listed on your website.) Can you give me an updated address? After reading pieces you’ve written, we believe you’d be a great fit for our book & we’d love to talk to you about it. Please send me an email at your earliest convenience so I can send you the prospectus. We would like to have our contributors lined up before November 15th if possible, so I hope we can get in touch with you in time!

    Thank you so much – hope to hear from you soon!

    Be well,

  2. Aloha Jan,

    Mahalo a nui for the evocatively written article. Would you be interested in having someone translate it into another language?

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