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Jake Weigel is an artist and currently Lecturer of Sculpture at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa, Texas. Originally from Wisconsin, he received his BFA in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota and MFA in Sculpture from the University of Mississippi. Weigel’s writing focuses largely on reviews of contemporary exhibitions and artists in the Southeast and Southwest regions of the United States.

Weigel has exhibited widely in the United States. He has received awards for his art and research, which includes a broad range of subjects from art history and anthropology to quantum physics. He has written reviews for Number, a quarterly arts journal in Memphis, Temporary Art Review based in St. Louis (temporaryartreview.com), and Mississippi Modern out of Jackson, Mississippi (ms-modern.com).

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  1. I would be interested in knowing much more about the award you received for your work in quantum physics. Could you send me journal references to this work or, if available, a copy of the paper?
    Alan white

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