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I am a poet, artist, independent curator, and freelance art critic living just outside of the city of Toronto. I’ve published the collection Gravity & Grace: Selected Writing on Contemporary Canadian Art, four books of poetry, and the non-fiction memoir, Cold Comfort: Growing Up Cold War based on my life as an itinerant military brat. My writing on art has been published in magazines and on-line in Canada, the United States, and Australia. I’ve worked as an independent curator for thirty years, organizing exhibitions for public galleries, museums, and artist-run centers across Canada. I’m engaged in an ogoing collaboration with another artist that has led to a series of site-specific exhibitions entitled Cold War Artifacts based on abandoned Cold War military installations in Canada.

My primary interests involve the condition(s) of site-specificity, and how the meanings, roles, and aesthetic functions of site-specific art can alter place, and, in turn, themselves be radically altered and even entirely undercut by changes in the social, political, and aesthetic environment.

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  1. Hi Gil…being a member of ISC I was happy to read your blog posting. My work, Colour of the River Running Through Us, a commission by the McMichael Canadian Art in Collection in Kleinberg for their ravine, is going stay-up until end of July (50th anniversary this year). Though meant for a few months last year, the museum got great public response, and extended it for a year. Here is the link to the their site and a link to mine The impermanence aspect of my practice (in the spirit of wabi sabi) is quite important for me, the fleeting view and a public creative engagement with form and content inspired by human and natural history.

    From what I read on Doyle, and your focus, I thought to write you. If interested, feel free to contact me. It would be a pleasure to meet you.


  2. Really enjoyed your article “Paula Murray: Form and (Non) Function”. It is interesting to visualize a three dimensional piece within a two dimensional script. Your writing is very visual. Thank-you.

  3. Hello Gil,
    Just curious if you have lived in North Bay, Ontario?

    I read your piece with great interest as Richard Serra’s The Shift is somewhat hidden beside a family farm (yes there are still farms left in King City). This piece of work was built when I was a young girl. Noise from heavy equipment interrupted the quiet air space when it was being constructed. I truly hope that it is not disturbed and remains a piece of King City’s history.

  4. Gil
    Please contact me. My dad was also on DEW line. Like you I am 62. Another friend’s dad was also stationed there. Any chance your photos have ID’s.

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