Dorothy Hunter

Sculpture Dorothy HunterPosts by Dorothy Hunter

I am an artist and art writer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Within my installation practice and writing I am interested in the politics of space and regeneration within art, and how visual culture is utilised in the process of preservation and re-presentation.

After receiving first class honours in Fine Art from University College Falmouth in 2011 I have exhibited throughout Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and have written interviews and exhibition reviews for Photomonitor, Interface, Visual Artists Newssheet and Paper Visual Art. In 2012 I became a co-director of Platform Arts, an artist-led contemporary gallery and studio group in Belfast.

Using exhibitions, writing and artist interviews as both anchor and jumping point, I wish to use my posts for International Sculpture Center to consider the nature, shifts, and development of sculptural practices and processes within localities and frameworks. In so doing I want to examine the sculptural practice within a personal and wider social and geographic relevance; I am interested in how place manifests itself within the material of its art. Being so drawn to the relativity of disciplines in cross-media installation, I will place a particular focus on the use and placement of sculpture within the multi-disciplinary.

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