Community and Space – The relationship between artist/studio art practice and identity

At ISC Gala honoring Lynda Benglis and Tony Cragg lifetime achievement award gala.
From left to right: Me, Emily Nelms Perez, ISC member, Katie Hovencamp, Olga Alexander

First off, it is an absolute thrill to have been awarded the ISC residency at Mana  Contemporary, and would like to thank International Sculpture Center for this opportunity!  I had visited Mana Last Spring for an open house event last season and was immediately impressed by the communal artistic energy reverberating throughout its massive cavernous spaces.  I wanted so much to be part of it. Continue reading

Residency Wrap Up: Emily Nelms Perez

My time at MANA BSMT has been pivotal for my work. Over the past six months my practice and conceptual interests have developed in unexpected ways, stepping away from figurative sculpture and digital fabrication, toward assemblage, installation, and concept driven sculptures. In the month to come I am looking forward to a studio visit from a gallery director, the opening HER:HERE, and a duo with Katie Hovencamp (OUR BEST SHOW YET). Also, I am speaking at Keystone College for International Sculpture Day 2017, presenting on the full spectrum of practice, digital and sculptural. In addition, I have been accepted to the University of California Los Angeles, where I will be pursing an MFA and helping to grow their digital fabrication facilities. Continue reading

Residency Wrap Up: Katie Hovencamp

Currently I am working on getting everything together for my upcoming two person exhibition at Mana Contemporary with Emily Nelms Perez. Our exhibition is called Her:Here and it will be opening on April 30th on the 5th floor in the International Sculpture Center office. In order to prep for this exhibition I have been compiling and completing several sculptures. Continue reading

Hello from Switzerland!

The view from Gertrud and Heinz Aeschlimann’s house.

By being awarded the Art-St-Urban Switzerland Residency, I have the wonderful opportunity to work in Switzerland for two months with Heinz and Gertrud Aeschlimann. It has only been a week, but so much has happened already. This is just the beginning of the residency, so check back for updates in the next two months!  Continue reading

Hello from Studio B55!

Since the beginning of this residency I have been preparing for a solo exhibition at Keystone College in LaPlume, PA. After preparing for this exhibition over the last few months I am happy to report that it has been installed at Keystone College!
The exhibition is called, “Sugar, Spice, Not Very Nice,” this body of work has been an autobiographical reflection on personal experiences of growing up and feeling the need to fit into a mold that represented femininity. The work of this exhibition is a series of drawings, sculptures, and photographs reflecting this experience. Continue reading

Sugar, Spice, Not Very Nice

Parochial Collar #1, in Sugar, Spice, Not Very Nice exhibition, 2017. Photo by Anna Margush

“What are little girls made of?” Those familiar with the well-known 19th-century nursery rhyme will answer: “Sugar and spice and all things nice. That’s what little girls are made of!” Artist Katie Hovencamp, on the other hand, provides an alternative response in her solo exhibition, Sugar, Spice, Not Very Nice, which is on view in the Linder Art Gallery at Keystone College, from 2/28 through 4/28. Against a backdrop of hand-painted, 19th-century-style wallpaper, the show features Hovencamp’s Parochial Collar series, accompanying photographs of the artist wearing the collars, and a collection of Victorian-style drawings, all of which subvert traditional ideals of femininity. Continue reading