Bruce Daniels’ New Orleans Road Trip: 24th International Sculpture Conference

3 Appalachian Trail – Virginia

Over the years I have been to a lot of ISC conferences, nineteen in total I think, starting with Philadelphia in 1992.   A number of these have involved road trips.  Sometimes round trips.  Sometimes one ways (fly and drive).  Sometimes fly and fly, with a road trip only in the vicinity of the conference.  This is the story of a relatively recent round trip: Continue reading

Early History of The ISC In Lawrence, KS

Keepers of the Universe by Eldon Tefft

My sister Laura has been an artist since we were kids.  When she was in her early twenties, Poco Frazier whispered in her ear that she was a sculptor.  The poor girl hasn’t been the same since.

Bernard “Poco” Frazier was a professor in sculpture in the architecture school at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Ks. It is telling that sculpture was taught and was a part of the architecture school at that time.   Frazier had studied and worked with Laredo Taft in Chicago. Continue reading