Voyages, Alien Sperm Fruit and Coco-Skins

Bubbles series grande 1 work in progress

What an eventful month! Travel to new places, visitors, experimenting in new media and new works.

The beginning of July offered me the opportunity to travel to the Antilles Islands and see new and unexpected things. I was concerned that leaving for a few days in the midst of the residency would break my stride. Instead I found that the experience provided me with so much inspiration! Continue reading

Toxic Water

Beyond Streaming: A Sound Mural for Flint, installation view at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University, 2017, photo courtesy the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University.

Intending to save $200 million dollars over the course of twenty-five years, in 2014 the city of Flint switched its water supply from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and, in its place, built a pipeline channeling water from the Flint River.  This resulted in lead corrosion in city pipes, exposing tens of thousands of residents to toxic water, and a state of emergency was declared.  Three years on, the reverberations of the Flint water crisis are still being felt.  Beyond Streaming, an interactive “sound mural” at the Broad Art Museum, addresses the Flint water crisis, but this conceptual sculptural installation is merely a fraction of what this art project actually entails.  Continue reading

Time Flies When You’re An Artist-In-Residence

The staff, faculty and other artists at ISCxGFS have been showing us a great time!

Took a trip into NYC to see some friends and shows a few weeks ago. Fellow PSU MFA Kayley Berezney’s corpulent exhibition Lumpy, Dumpy & Grumpy opened at Disclaimer Gallery. Kayley’s work is super physical and visceral and it was effectively situated in the tight, cramped space within the Silent Barn. Plus there was a metal show in the main room. Continue reading

Artist Foundations

Many successful people have time to plan their legacies, but the last months of Nancy Graves’ life were hectic. In May of 1995, the 55 year-old sculptor was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and five months later she was dead. With no heirs, she had to decide quickly what to do with her belongings and wealth. Like a number of other artists with significant holdings of artwork and other assets, she created a nonprofit foundation through her will to shelter her estate from high death taxes. Continue reading

Continuing the dual life: Underground

The last two weeks were full of adventures in and out of grounds for sculpture. Visiting Johnson Atelier, and digital Atelier where they make big sculptures, having an artist talk, studio visits and etc.

The most exciting adventure though was visiting Mana contemporary in Jersey City. One of the largest contemporary art organizations in US, as the tour leader said, in a renovated tobacco company with gorgeous metal doors and amazing art collection bringing together performers and visual artists under the same roof of a unique architecture. Where we had the chance to visit amazing artist Gina Miccinilli and Olga Alexander, artist residence in Mana as well as checking out Contemporary Iranian artist show. Continue reading

Update from ISC Mana Resident Olga Alexander

At a time when categories or boundaries are being dissolved or at least blurred isn’t it peculiar that almost anyone outside of the arts still holds them dear! Me thinks it’s the work of engineers and coders obsessed with big data and algorithms, all wanting to analyze your next purchase, if not predetermine it, just kidding, barely 🙂  Continue reading

Fitting the Human Within Nature

Umbel Series, by Jenni Ward. Photo by Bill Bishoff, courtesy of UCSC Arboretum.

Nature is inspiration to many artists. But while natural form has inspired generations of artists, today many are finding source material not purely within the plants and animals, the leaves and seeds, flowers and rocks that we think of immediately when we consider the definition of “nature.” More and more commonly, artists are drawn to the juxtaposition between the natural world and the human world. Continue reading