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The core of my practice and interest as an arts writer are interviews with artists. My personal taste spans genres, subject matter and materials. Yet I am always fascinated by artists’ motivations, intellectual curiosity, studio anecdotes and personalities. Most of my contributions for the ISC Blog will be interviews with Berlin-based artists readying themselves for upcoming exhibitions. As a nexus for international artists from a vast array of backgrounds and practicing in a wide-range of medium, Berlin is ideal site for intimate, casual and insightful conversations with artists.  These interviews are intended to serve as snapshots into the artist’s plans and hopes for his or her show.

In addition to monthly conversations with artists themselves, every three months, I will contribute a list of my top-five on-going and upcoming exhibitions in Berlin’s museums and galleries.  This guide will consist of a short review and directions for visitors who are eager to engage with the city’s rich creative resources.

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