Residency Update: Layo Bright

On Tuesday we visited Mana Contemporary with Jeannette from the ISC. We met with Eric Rhein and Deborah L. Morris, who spoke in depth about their practice and how to sustain an art career. We also passed through some of the galleries at Mana, seeing work by artists such as Takashi Murakami, Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith, etc.

We had lunch courtesy of the ISC (check out what was meant to be a “starter” lol), and made a stop at Home Depot for supplies.

It has also been an intense week of studio time. After doing some more research into the topics I am addressing with this body of work, it was time to take the leap. To make the work. I started out my drawing the silhouette of the shape, which sounds easy enough, but for the fact that I haven’t drawn in years. I have gotten so used to sketching and expressing ideas in material form, that I had not used that skill in a long time.

With the sketch done I cut, pinned and hand stitched the materials together. It was particularly tasking to do this process by hand, considering the scale of the work. Many errors, blisters and wrong turns later, I am halfway through completing the sculpture. Creating the form is just the first step however, as I am interested in tasking myself to think beyond the exterior of the work. What forms the inner workings of a sculpture? What gives it its form and support? How does that tie in conceptually to the overriding themes in the work?

There are a lot of questions coming up as I make the work, which I consider to be a good thing. I am uncovering new possibilities with a material I thought was all too familiar, and am excited at the endless possibilities. Can’t wait to see it up for open studios this Friday!

By Layo Bright

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