Final Update: Cassidy Frye at Art-St-urban


My favorite view of Basel and the Rhine

There is a satisfaction that comes along with finishing a residency. Art-St-urban is no different with a feeling of accomplishment but and excitement to leave, and return to everyday life after two months it all seems unfamiliar. In my last month at Art-ST-Urban we finally had the chance to work with Asphalt. Heinz Makes a mixture that is fine and can be molded or cast in many different ways.


Cast Asphalt Knot

I created molds out of a variety of materials, steel, silicone, fabric and cardboard. The asphalt is just hotter than melted wax but with gloves can be handled easily and with patience formed by hand. I was surprised with the amount of detail that I was able to capture with this material as it is not liquid when it is poured into a mold It is more like a tick goo with sand and rocks in it.

The Asphalt was also interesting because of the thickness and the low heat they was the ability to inlay materials into it. I was able to place metal designs I had bent and welded previously and as them into the asphalt as well as paint chips to add color.

I have seen works that precious residents made adding a large variety of materials including glass, rocks, fibers, and the list goes on. The asphalt seems to be a versatile material and I wish during the residency there would have been more of a focus on it or more opportunities to make work out of it than just in the last week.


Cast Asphalt that was poured into a metal form with added paint chips on the interior space

Art-St-Urban has been a very intensive experience of working in the studio everyday and rarely leaving rural St. Urban. This residency took a lot of adjusting to get used to and having to work in a way that someone else expects you to work and putting your regular practices on the backburner is very difficult. Finding a middle ground or balance was one of the most difficult parts of this experience. As with everything there were positive and negatives that occur but in the end it is a learning experience. At the moment though I need a break from Switzerland.

By Cassidy Frye

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