Art-St-Urban Residency Update – Cassidy Frye


View on the drive to the Studio

In rural Switzerland time has seemed to slow; I have been here for a month now but it seems longer.  Since my last blog the amount of work I have been making has increased significantly and I am a lot more familiar in Heinz’s shop. It has been interesting to navigate these familiar yet unfamiliar tools and adapt my work around the available materials. There is also an emphasis on speed and how many sculptures can one make in a short period of time. This has caused my work to shrink significantly in size, allowing me to make more. The availability of material has caused the biggest shift: I find myself being resourceful and cutting up clothes I brought with me to use in different ways. I find myself doing a lot of improvising.


One of the works made out of a dress I brought and steel cables

Outside of the studio, we had the opportunity to see a little bit more of Switzerland and travel to Basel. Once, for a museum day, we explored the Bruce Nauman retrospective at the Schaulager, the Kunstmuseum, and the contemporary museum.  The Kunstmuseum (Art Museum) had a fantastic collection as well as an exhibition of Sam Gilliam paintings that are spatial and objectlike. Gilliam’s works were also in the Unlimited section at Art Basel.  These painting are draped from the ceiling creating an environment that you have to weave through to experience.


Former ISC winner and Art-st-Urban Resident Angie Seykora among Sam Gilliam Paintings at Art Basel

The next week we had the opportunity to go to Art Basel. It was a very exciting experience ,and it was great to have a day off to see the city and a wide variety of art. Art Basel was spread all over the city, and unfortunately it is impossible to see it all in one day. I find myself drawn to the architecture of this city. It hold so much history but is often sandwiched between a lot of modern structures. I hope to find a way to incorporate these elements into my practice eventually.

Back at the studio we continue to work 7am till 5:30 pm, experimenting and problem solving. I have about 3 weeks left here to see what can be made in that time. It has taken a lot of time to adjust to this experience, and I am not sure if I fully have yet or if I ever will, only time will tell.

By Cassidy Frye

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