Looking back at the ISC residency at GFS: Shawn

DANG! Those 6 weeks flew by!

The closing two weeks of the residency were spend grindin it out in the studio. Trying to bring together all the weird nonsense I had been collecting and playing around with. Smashing things together, sometimes just smashing things.

Meadow, 2017 Wood, paint, duralar, lights, found motor and electronics 62.5” x 62.5”

My kinetic sculpture painting! This was sort of the (slightly) more planned objects i’ve been working on. Tried a lot of new things at once, electronics, wiring lighting, making a good box.

I used botanical samples collected throughout the park as mark making tools. On a large piece of duralar, the GFS landscape is abstracted and doubled back over itself. A motor keeps the painting in constant mesmerizing motion. I am excited about the strange way this one came out and plan on making several more back in the studio at PSU.

Things really started to mutate in a good direction here towards the end of the residency. Materials collected over the past month began finding their way together in good ways. I was imagining these small scale sculptures as maquettes to be reproduced at the scale of the works in the park. The work of Nick Van Woert (who it turns out is also a past recipient of the ISC Outstanding Student Achievement Award) has been resonating with me since seeing his show last month. Just kind of kick-started something in my brain.

New growth all around! Some peacock chicks were born to the one remaining peahen on the grounds. Here they are in their temporary residence in the tool shed.



Mind Travel with Murray Hidary was a really lovely way to experience sundown in the park. This was how it began



I am so honored to have had the singular opportunity of partaking in the ISC’s budding residency program. This time away from my usual daily routine was exactly the type of recharging distance I needed after a tough first year of grad school. Meeting and learning from the other artists who share studios in the Motor Exhibits Building (MEB) was an very welcome surprise. The combined years of art-making experience in that building, I can hardly guess, and the generosity with that knowledge was overflowing.

I am definitely returning to Portland with more than I left with. Energized, head full of new ideas, a tad more confidence, a few more books checked off my summer reading list, some new friends and a lot more understanding about the way I work. There were a couple projects I couldn’t finish before I left, but I hope to convince the top brass to let me come back real soon!

Shawn Creeden

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