Voyages, Alien Sperm Fruit and Coco-Skins

Bubbles series grande 1 work in progress

What an eventful month! Travel to new places, visitors, experimenting in new media and new works.

The beginning of July offered me the opportunity to travel to the Antilles Islands and see new and unexpected things. I was concerned that leaving for a few days in the midst of the residency would break my stride. Instead I found that the experience provided me with so much inspiration!

In the words of Marcel Proust-

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

Alien sperm fruit in curacao

The people were warm and beautiful, the air invigorating and Iguanas the size of a dog. As a sculptor, I believe that we experience our surroundings through tactile senses as much as visual- (perhaps to compensate our loss of hearing due to endless hours of chasing) I swear the crystal turquoise water had a different consistency, I could glide seamlessly through the water seeing fish that defied the limits of my imagination; It was as if one was swimming in a tropical aquarium. There was a constant breeze that caressed the skin and whispered in the palms.

Ok , ok , nauseating I know, but couldn’t help the romanticized description; it was all sooo true!

SOOO excited to experiment with my newfound medium!( Notice the size of the bags)

Speaking of Palm trees, I found a new sculptural medium to play with while in midst of my reverie!

I still do not know what its called by the fabric-like material that the palm trees form delighted me. I have googled it and still don’t know if its jute, hemp? On my second day, I started to casually collect pieces that had gathered at the base of the trees, by the fourth day, I began obsessively searching the island, armed with scissors and a garbage bag in my quest of the perfect score.

My dear and patient co -conspirator, aka (partner in crime) was very supportive and offered to be the get-away driver. Needless to say, by the end of the day I had to buy an additional suitcase for my return trip.

Broke a sweat in customs but otherwise the 6 hours total delay I hit the ground running upon my return. I researched binders for my new medium, which I now refer to as coco skins. I returned to my beloved bubble series, the scale has shifted and cannot help but see the connection to the marvelous Alien Sperm fruit I found in Willemstead’s old market.

The studios were abuzz this month as well. With the opening of the painting exhibit, there were many visitors inquiring about the work, The ISC recipients of the Student achievement award, Nooshin Hakim Javadi and Shawn Creeden visited our studios, and I thoroughly am looking forward to visiting them in theirs in August. Doctor Kenneth Payne, came and visited last week, a dear friend familiar with my work, offering a fresh perspective on my new weightless pieces; forms I have constructed that defy notions of gravity. My daughter Hannah visited one afternoon giving me a perfect opportunity to peruse Mana’s wonderful galleries.

GFS residents, Nooshin Hakim Javadi and Shawn Creeden and Olga ( fellow ISC mana resident)

I am now in preparation of finishing my works, as Olga and I will be installing next week in ISC’s space on the fifth floor. We will also be giving an artist’s talk on August 10th. Hope to see you there!!

By Gina Miccinilli

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