An Incomplete List of Observations: ISC Resident Shawn Creeden

Hi I’m Shawn. Among other things I am an interdisciplinary artist, graduate student at Portland State University, semi-professional horticulturist and (deeply honored) inaugural ISC artist-in-residence at Grounds For Sculpture.

I am so psyched to roam around, research and experiment over the next 6 weeks here in warm and stormy Hamilton, NJ. I’ll be sharing some of my experiences here on the Re:sculpt blog, so stay tuned!

An Incomplete List of Observations, Research And Gratitude From #ISCatGFS Week 1

My practice usually begins with walking. A morning stroll or three, a daily dérive, a series of late night gambols. I am lucky have my mother’s eye for catching movement and form amongst the boughs and undergrowth. Cardinals! Woodchucks! Several sveldt and silvery fox! I have located where the big brown bats come to slake their thirst on the wing.


Very generous studio space, ample work room. A kiln. An airplane hanger full of artists with well over two hundred years combined experience making sculpture, working in the park and at the adjacent Johnson Atelier, where most of the work on site is fabricated.   The Psalmist, Larry Estridge

From my wanderings I make maps. concept maps, sound maps, star maps, encounter maps, maps of the animal burrows i’ve come across, maps of my favorite secret spots, potential sites for work, objects as maps. I’ll be posting some of these soon, and we’ll see where they lead!

The right time of day for viewing this Steve Tobin termite mound.

Best Places To Watch The Sun Set

1. Sunset Bench
2. UPS Meadow
3. Atop The Flowered Crown

Being with someone when they see fireflies for the first time is truly an honor.

Seward’s Storage

One cannot sit alone in any one place here for longer than 30 seconds and not be mistaken for one of Seward Johnson’s lifelike figurative sculptures. Ereading The Martian on a sun dappled hillock i hear the surprised laughter of a park guest when i reach for my glass of rosé.
“We were trying to decide if you were real or not.”
“You and me both.”

Trying to work on my reading/book practice. I suck at using libraries, I am a glacially slow reader, so i am always racking up obscene late fees. So i’m giving audiobooks a try. I can listen to them while i’m on dérive, and then they automatically disappear when they are due back. also if anyone has any recommendations for summer jams i’m all ears.

The Meadow, the most recently added section of the park, is one of my favs. very little artificial lighting, clear view, pond with resident bats, large dark open spaces for lightning bug viewing, coupla woodchucks, privacy, quiet.

A reminder from the restroom in Rat’s restaurant: be ballsier

Well it’s monday here, the park is closed, no visitors, time to get some work done! Check out my fellow artist in residence Nooshin’s blog as well and stay tuned for more dispatches from Grounds For Sculpture!A huge thank you to all the folks at the International Sculpture Center and Grounds For Sculpture. Everyone has been full of enthusiasm about my stay here and generous with their time and knowledge.

A mountain of gratitude to the faculty, staff and cohort back at Portland State University. Special thanks Erik Geschke for making this incredible opportunity possible, Melanie Flood, Pat Boas, Julie Perini, Patrick Rock, Sean Regan, Lisa Jarrett, Brendan Clenaghen, Michelle Illuminato and Judy Bluehorse-Skelton.

By Shawn Creeden

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