International Sculpture Day at Keystone College!

Left to Right: R.J. Pipeling, Camilo Herrera, Nick Nace

For International Sculpture Day we had multiple events at Keystone College. First, my 3D Design class presented their projects for critique. The assignment was to create a sculptural piece that was meant to fit on the body to create a specific focal point. The assignment is called The Body Extension. In order to prepare for this assignment my class studied artists like Rebecca Horn, Nick Cave, and Ann Hamilton. The class also studied the Manus X Machina: Fashion in the age of Technology exhibition that took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last summer.

Some students chose to create works in response to a specific body part. Others chose to create a casting of the body in order to make a sculptural work. Some of the artists are inspired by fashion.

Left to Right: R.J. Pipeling, Camilo Herrera, Nick Nace

Left: Laura Kern, Right: Joanna Wallace (Photo credit Joanna Wallace)

This assignment is always a fun for me to teach because it takes a great deal of problem solving. When I am working with my students I have to troubleshoot the technical and conceptual aspects of their projects. It is a fun challenge and in most cases I learn something new along with my students. I also feel that this project is one where I see the conceptual interests of my students and what they are interested in talking about when it comes to their art work.

The second event of the day which came later in the evening was an artist talk from my dear friend and fellow International Sculpture Center resident, Emily Nelms Perez!

Emily was kind enough to travel all the way up to La Plume, PA to spend time with students and faculty at Keystone College. To begin her artist talk, Emily gave a historical synopsis of her work. She talked about her beginnings in painting and how that lead to her interest in ceramics. She then talked about how digital fabrication became an important part of her artistic practice while she was at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Emily shared a few stories from her public art commissions for Carolina Herrera and her project in Italy.

She was also kind enough to show everyone digital mock ups in Rhino of her projects. This was helpful for the students to see so they can understand how much planning and work it takes to complete public art projects.

To finish out her lecture, Emily then talked about her post graduate life and the various jobs she had which was very important for the students to hear. She emphasized being open to new experiences as well as being professional with everyone. She also stressed that is was important to work hard in the studio, but also seek out artists and network. The students and faculty enjoyed seeing Emily’s work and speaking about her professional practice.

International Sculpture Day at Keystone College was a fun and educational day for our students and faculty. We were fortunate to have Emily come and visit our campus as well as seeing some really great sculptures made by the Keystone College students! We look forward to participating again next year!

By Katie Hovencamp

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