Studio B-55 | Notes from Olga Alexander

Studio B-55 has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Conjures up a cross between a dance hall and an airport hanger; in fact the studio so generously provided by the International Sculpture Center is to my surprise part of a truly vast complex that makes up Mana Contemporary!

Synaptic Incubations of Another Kind

I come to Jersey City as a newbie, having grown up in Washington Heights via Hells Kitchen and taking the Path now is for me is an experience that reminds me of my old neighborhood. I am so grateful to the International Sculpture Center for the opportunity to explore and expand the scope of my work.

For the past several years I have been working from my apartment. In grad school, I began working on large scale paintings and installations but once I graduated and returned home to Manhattan, rents were high and spaces small, so I accommodated by increasingly working in multiples.

This has worked well up to now, as I enjoy recombining pieces and figuring out new projects even if they’re only in my head. I became so resourceful, that I began miniaturizing my sculptural projects. To my surprise this led me to a new body of work and new dialogues.  But no matter how resourceful I became, I found that I still needed to realize some of my projects on a larger scale and thanks to the International Sculpture Center and Mana Contemporary, I now can!

I am really impressed with the way the International Sculpture Center and its staff have welcomed me and thrilled to have been part of their festivities honoring Tony Cragg and Linda Benglis! It is a humbling experience to be part of an artist community; most of us, I think would agree, that although we work alone, creative juices flow more easily when there is a platform through which creative exchanges can take place and flourish as they  do at the International Sculpture Center and Mana Contemporary! I look forward to meeting everyone and blogging about my stay here and wish Emily and Kate all the best with their work.

By Olga Alexander

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  1. Congratulations Olga. Loving the blog and great to see some of your work displayed in its new setting. Hope you are keeping well. Hi from sunny England (well, it is our summer!!)
    Best wishes Karen x

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