Residency Wrap Up: Katie Hovencamp

Currently I am working on getting everything together for my upcoming two person exhibition at Mana Contemporary with Emily Nelms Perez. Our exhibition is called Her:Here and it will be opening on April 30th on the 5th floor in the International Sculpture Center office. In order to prep for this exhibition I have been compiling and completing several sculptures.

The objects I plan on exhibiting are small objects combined with a larger installation that will be integrated with Emily’s work.

I plan on creating a new wallpaper with shades of pink and peach that will have images of bows that will reflect the imagery on the collars more.

The idea behind the show reflects the sense of space and autobiography. Emily and I both create work from different perspectives that reflect place and our roles in society as women. We are both interested in creating spaces that talk about our autobiographical experiences. Our material choices reflect personal experience that reflects memory and nostalgia.

As far as the objects I am interested in exhibiting I have been working relatively small. I typically create work in smaller parts that feed into larger conceptual works. The newest pieces I have been working on are more of an aggressive direction. I finished sanding and cleaning up my cookie cutter knuckles piece and I have created cold cast bronze bullets.

I am not sure how this new direction will evolve, but I am excited to see how things come together. I enjoy the idea of creating objects that are reference fighting back, but still use sterotypical icons of femininity such as hearts and bows. The use of heavier materials is also of interest to me because it creates and interesting shift from delicate objects. A previous work I made during the residency were a pair of handcuffs that were ornamented with metals bows and lace. This lead to the recent direction with my newer work. I am really enjoying exploring the relationship between objects that are aggressive and delicate. It creates an unsettling relationship that I am interested in investigating further.

Sadly, my time at Mana is drawing to a close. Having the opportunity to create work here has been paramount to new directions in my practice. My time at Mana has been really wonderful, in fact I would say it was the best residency experience I had. The space, the artists, and the community have been incredibly supportive for the creation of my work. I was so glad to experience working in the foundry, participating in workshops, and meeting a variety of artists and patrons visiting the space.

I am so glad to have met Emily and have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful artist who has become a great friend. I am looking forward to seeing our work together when our exhibition Her:Here opens!

Katie Hovencamp

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