Residency Wrap Up: Emily Nelms Perez

My time at MANA BSMT has been pivotal for my work. Over the past six months my practice and conceptual interests have developed in unexpected ways, stepping away from figurative sculpture and digital fabrication, toward assemblage, installation, and concept driven sculptures. In the month to come I am looking forward to a studio visit from a gallery director, the opening HER:HERE, and a duo with Katie Hovencamp (OUR BEST SHOW YET). Also, I am speaking at Keystone College for International Sculpture Day 2017, presenting on the full spectrum of practice, digital and sculptural. In addition, I have been accepted to the University of California Los Angeles, where I will be pursing an MFA and helping to grow their digital fabrication facilities.

HER:HERE marks the end of our time as artists-in-residence! Our show looks to discuss pressurized conformity in relation to the body, land, and identity. Through this exhibition we will be showcasing new works in various sculptural approaches including assemblage, digital fabrication, installation, and drawing.

This month I am focusing on two projects. The first is Spiced Tablecloth (working title) that I wrote about in a previous post. The other project began as a personal study titled Divisioria (working title), which has now grown into a 15 x 28 foot mural, spanning the wall and floor. With this work I have moved further in the direction that I foresee in my upcoming graduate work, interactive installations. A portion of Divisioria will be installed at the entrance of HER:HERE and each visitor will walk onto the landscape as they enter the space.

For me, the work serves as a connection to a region that I visited in my early adolescence. The mural is the personal made political, and serves as a format for me to sort out my views and continue researching the United States and Mexico relationship. For the viewer I hope to display the aesthetic qualities of the border and the presence of the interconnected relationship we have to Mexico, viewing our neighboring nation as a global partner.

Sampling of three sections of Divisioria.

The borderline is blurred in a similar style to traditional paper marbling. A year ago I attended an artist’s workshop, at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. Lauren Clay taught the age-old technique of marbling, where we focused on the process’ ability to abstract through liquid.

Emily Nelms Perez

Sample of my work from the marbling course.

Sample of my work from the marbling course.

Next week I will be heading west to meet with faculty and gain a grasp on the L.A. art scene, which is totally new territory for me. My creative experiences to come!

Be well and create well,
Emily Nelms Perez

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