Hello from Studio B55!

Since the beginning of this residency I have been preparing for a solo exhibition at Keystone College in LaPlume, PA. After preparing for this exhibition over the last few months I am happy to report that it has been installed at Keystone College!
The exhibition is called, “Sugar, Spice, Not Very Nice,” this body of work has been an autobiographical reflection on personal experiences of growing up and feeling the need to fit into a mold that represented femininity. The work of this exhibition is a series of drawings, sculptures, and photographs reflecting this experience.

The exhibition has 12 collars and photographs with laser cut pedestals installed in a room with wall paper. The work will be on display until April 21st.

Some newer projects I have been working on involve digital modeling and 3D printing. The first project I have been working in sculptris and tinker cad in order to create a piece with a component that has sculptural bullets. Below is my first design.
I am currently printing multiple of these objects at Keystone College in order to make this work. I plan on taking the 3D prints and casting them in bronze so they are similar to real bullets. When these objects are cast, I will create a sculptural piece in response to these objects.

Another project I have started is I am printing a body scan of me curtseying. I plan on making a mold of this and casting it in dragon skin so I can turn it into a face pros-ethic.

I am collaborating with a former student to create the piece. She studied sculpture and theatre so she will be able to assist me with the dress form and having it contour my face. This work is going to be more experimental and I am excited to learn more about this process.

Last week I was invited to speak at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to give a lecture on my work. I met one of the sculpture faculty, Lisa Austin, as well as her students. Allison DiPofi and Broderick McGarvey from Edinboro’s sculpture club hosted my lecture followed by and ice cream sundae bar which was in honor of my piece, “Last Course,” a durational performance where I laid covered in ice cream for an hour. The group was amazing to meet with. I also visited art venues in Erie such as the Erie Art Museum and the art gallery at Edinboro University.

Finally, I started another new project. I am working on creating a new body extension. I was inspired by my visit to the Trenton City Museum, the ceramics collection upstairs showcased a lot of Trenton’s historic ceramic work. Some of the works on display had some really interesting elements such as figurines of women that were ornamented in gold luster. This imagery inspired me to make a piece that is a marriage of two of my previous works, “Promenade” and Tea Party.

The idea for this work is inspired by the idea of women being hostesses for parties. I am interested in how the orchestration of these events are a show for the guests involved, however the hostess usually becomes extremely exhausted because of how extensive the planning and executing of the event can be. There is also a need for the hostess to perform and be an idealized version of herself. She is judged by the success of the event as well as her personal appearance. So in order to show this I am creating a body extension out of foam to create a table piece where I have a tea party taking place on my body. I will also have smaller figures that will interact with me that will be attached the the body extension that I am making.

As this residency wraps up I will be working toward a duo show with Emily Nelms Perez which will open at the end of April. I am looking forward to seeing our work together and how our various projects will culminate.

By Katie Hovencamp

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