Hello from Katie’s Studio at Mana


Hello! From Katie’s B55 studio at Mana Contemporary! Currently, I am in the final preparations of completing my show which will be happening at Keystone College. I currently have the photographs at the printer and I have completed a new series of drawings for the exhibition. The exhibition will be opening February 27th.

katie-hovenkampI have also started some new work which continues to reflect on the theme of my exhibition which is titled, “Sugar, Spice, Not Very Nice.” This body of work is a critique on the societal views of women in contemporary culture. In order to do this I have revised a previous piece I began two years ago.

I have a body scan of myself doing a curtsy gesture and I would like to 3D print it so I can create a mold of it to eventually cast in dragon skin so I can create a prosthetic in order to create a piece similar to the drawings I have created. I started to explore the idea of plastic surgery and the concept of a face lift. I thought that the gesture of a curtsy combined with a facelift introduced an aspect of control while creating a narrative of a woman needing to fall into a specific beauty standard. I also employed aspects of humor and play to talk about how nonsensical aspects of beauty can be.

Another piece that I have been working on is a series of brushes that I would like to cast in several different metals. I created a cast plastic version to get an idea of the forms I would like to create. After seeing the plastic version I definitely feel like the work needs to be made in cast metal with a variety of different kinds of hair. I created several wax versions so I can cast them in metal. I am looking forward to working with the Keating foundry to get this project done.


I have also been investing time to learn 3D modeling and 3D printing so I can integrate this technology into my art work. I am currently experimenting with working on different textures I can integrate into my sculptural pieces. I’m not quite sure how this form will fit into the work I am making, but I am enjoying the process of learning this technology. It is totally foreign to me but I feel that some interesting things can come out of this process.

As my residency continues, I am looking forward to seeing how the new work progresses with the integration of digital technology. I have also assigned myself two books that I feel will have some influence on my work. One is “A Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood and “Bad Feminist” by Roxanne Gay. Both writers have really interesting perspectives and I feel that their voices will assist with the creation of new work.

by Katie Hovencamp

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