Update from Katie Hovencamp’s Mana Studio


Hello from my studio at Mana Contemporary! During my time here I have worked on several projects which will be exhibited in my upcoming show, “Sugar, Spice, Not Very Nice” at Keystone College. I plan on exhibiting drawings, photographs, and the series of collars I have been working on since I arrived at Mana.


In the photograph above I have painted all of the pedestals white to look like doilies. All of the collars will be present in the gallery along with photographs of me wearing the collars. Anna Margush came to Mana and documented all of the work for the exhibition.


Click here to view the other collars:

Since the work for the exhibition is just about completed, I have began other projects.

The first one was a set of brass knuckles that have heart shaped cookie cutters riveted to them. During my time at Mana I have been thinking about the materials I have been using. They often fluctuate between industrial and delicate which feed into my overall concept which is addressing social constructs of femininity.

This piece is different than most of my others because the other work usually makes a commentary on the absurdity of the construct I am critiquing. Sometimes there is a degree of sadness to the work since it often addresses how women are oppressed.


One material that keeps reappearing in several of my works is hair. Hair can serve as a vehicle for one’s identity. It is something that makes us unique. In the drawings above I have used hair to establish relationships. The drawing on the left addresses a relationship about expectation and how these young women are meant to evolve over time. The second image talks about stripping identity and emphasizes that moment of loss when the hair is stripped away with the brush. I would like to create that drawing with the brush as a sculpture. I am working on making molds of three different brushes so I can make sculptures similar to the drawing.


When Anna Margush came to town, I also worked with her on photographing two sculptures that were meant to go on the body. These pieces were both created by using very feminine materials that obstruct the body some how.
hovencamp-2The future sculptures I have planned reference or imply the body instead of being present inside of a sculpture. I am looking forward to experimenting with stand alone objects while I am at Mana.

By Katie Hovencamp

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