Update from Katie’s studio at Mana


Since my previous blog post I have been working on several projects and I am happy to report that some are completed! The series of metal parochial collars that I started at the beginning of this residency have been assembled and ready to exhibit. I have been working with the Keating Foundry at Mana contemporary to cast aluminum bows for my sculptural metal collars. I completed chasing for all 12 of my cast aluminum bows as well as patinating them. I finished riveting all of them to the collars and now they are all ready to be documented. My very good friend and frequent collaborator Anna Margush will be flying in from San Francisco to help me document all of the collars I have created.


As far as other projects I have been working on, I have been working on the way I plan to exhibit all of the collars I have created. In my previous post I showed laser-cut wood patterns. Since then I started to turn these laser cut patterns into pedestals for the collars. I have been assembling Furniture Parts in order to create delicate pedestal tables to exhibit every collar. I wanted these objects to be delicate to create an interesting tension and contrast between the metal objects and their pedestal.

hovencamp2During my time in the studio I have also been experimenting with some smaller bodies of work. I decided to try working smaller to see what emerges from that process. From this experimentation I have created a series of mouth body extensions that play with the relationship of speaking, restraint, and punishment. All of the objects are materials close off the mouth in one way shape or form while emphasizing delicate and feminine qualities. A statement I often hear about women is to sit still and look pretty. Which clearly objectifies women and devalues their humanity. With these smaller works I want to question the idea of silencing a woman while taking ownership of imagery that is considered feminine. I enjoy using symbols of femininity to question and confront patriarchal views.

hovencamp3The other major project I have been working on since the start of this residency is the experimentation of the perceptions of women and the color pink. Initially the project began as a series of sculptural trophies that glorified Monumental events in women’s lives that were actually a disappointment to experience. Such as puberty when a boy likes you when you achieve a certain point of Womanhood etc. Family sculptures and other bodies of work I have been experimenting with blood me to work with a particular found objects I came across at a thrift store in Scranton, Pennsylvania. this particular object caught my eye from the opposite end of the store. The colors are very vibrant and the material was beautiful and comical at the same time. It was an old prom dress that I knew I had to have. Since I purchased this dress I have altered it to become a giant wearable sculpture. I have added various pink plastic bows to create a sea of taffeta while emphasizing its femininity. This work is still in progress and I plan on experimenting with how it is born while I’m collaborating with Anna Margush when she arrives in mid-December.

By Katie Hovencamp

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