Denise Treizman: Art that Rocks – and Rolls!

Denise Treizman Sculpture

“Spartan Follies”, 2016. Variable Tires, spray paint, plastidip paint, paracord rope, fitness balls, sand, chains, bolts, duct tape. Detail of tire sculpture at Randall’s Island Park. (Photo by Toby Tenenbaum)

Denise Treizman – at the beginning of her career — is making original art bursting with color, style, engineering chops, and jazzy moves. Her laser focus and talent is evident in her studio, in her Cuchifritos solo show, and at her Spartan Follies/ FLOW.16 interactive public art on Randall’s Island through November.

Denise Treizman Sculpture

“It’s rainbows and unicorns”, 2016. Variable. Plastic, plastidip paint, spray paint, duct tape, duster, plexiglass, colored sand, cement, metallic shred, ball, duster, circular light bulb. New work in the studio (Photo courtesy of the artist)

Treizman’s 410 square feet of space at The Elizabeth Foundation is currently divided into a sealed, well-ventilated area lined with a large selection of colors of spray paint. In this area, a new art work, “Rainbows and unicorns,” made two days ago from leftover pieces of other projects seems fully-formed using only a circular plexiglass piece, sprayed-on floor plastic, duct tape, a duster, balls, cement cast shapes and a floor pile of pink glittering sand.  Facing this, “Weave Done It” is a woven piece that incorporates green bubble wrap, found fabric, purple bra straps, duct tape and other unusual materials. This, plus three yellow, blue, and pink pieces titled “Pekaboo,” “Mangled and Spangled,” and “Fluff stuff” in the front part of the studio on May 21 traveled to Chicago days later for the “Improbable” show that opened May 28th at LVL3 Gallery.  These works invite further inspection and introspection.

In addition to finished works for her upcoming show, the studio space has two areas for art supplies and construction and a square column cleverly made circular by taped-together swimming pool noodles in pastel hues. Treizman variously uses the noodles in her projects; this column of changing colors demonstrates how the artist transforms obstructions into inviting sights. Even her “drawings” on one wall such as “Chasing Waterfalls I & II” are constructions made from charcoal, pencil, pastel, glitter spray paint, duct tape, correction tape, and markers.  Katharina Grosse, Jessica Stockholder, and Marilyn Minter (who was her teacher at SVA’s MFA Fine Arts program) are obvious influences, yet Treizman already has her own aesthetic and wit.

Denise Treizman Sculpture

Studio prior to FLOW.16 installation, 2016. Variable. Studio prior to FLOW.16 installation (Photo courtesy of the artist)

Following receiving the commission for FLOW.16, a program run by Randall’s Island Parks Alliance in partnership with the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Treizman began to actualize her proposal for an interactive “boot camp” style outdoor exercise games installation. In November, 2015, she manufactured large PVC pipes, fittings and pre-cut acrylic lids in her native Chile to save costs and have production support. In January, 2016, she worked steadily on purchasing eighty used but usable tires from a recycling center, power-washing them, and spray-painting them and the PVC pipes in wildly-imaginative designs that “pop.” She next prepared and assembled the component parts for outdoor use – stuffing the PVC pipes with foil balls, packaging peanuts and shredded metallic paper that move as people interact, and sealing the pipes with clear lids so that the pieces inside are visible yet contained and waterproof. Installation required transporting a huge number of objects to Randall’s Island and engineering and installing artist-made anchors, wires, bolts and chains to tether the objects to the park yet allow them to be moved and played upon by park visitors. Treizman’s inventive games and configurations for her art objects are worth a trip to Randall’s Island! She has given old tires new spins and looks.

IMG_5703 from Denise Treizman on Vimeo.

The Cuchifritos Gallery exhibition — titled “DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk” after the streets in the neighborhood — closed June 5. It consisted of nine works that incorporated found objects. Many, such as “Screen shot” and “Sweet spot,” are constructions in which the parts balance against each other and the walls/floor. “Under the wires” is a ball stuck inside a folded metal fence on top of a green sand grid – a floor piece that offers an unusual blend of circles, triangles, and irregular rectangles. Many of Treizman’s original fired and glazed ceramic shapes in this show reminded me of Arlene Shechet’s process-oriented style. Treizman has not heard of Shechet and is doing her own original things with clay.

Denise Treizman Sculpture

“Spartan Follies”, 2016. Visitors interacting with “Spartan Follies” tire sculpture. (Photo by Toby Tenenbaum)

Look for Treizman’s 2016 Current & Upcoming:

“Spartan Follies” as part of FLOW.16 Randall’s Island, NY (May 14, mid November)

“Expand and Flourish Among New Acquaintances” Proto Gallery. Curated by Enrico Gomez and Nick De Pirro. Hoboken, NJ (April 30-May 30)

“DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk” Cuchifritos Gallery. Individual exhibition curated by Kelly Schroer. New York, NY(May 6-June 5)

“Improbable” LVL3 Gallery. Chicago, IL (May 28-July 3)

NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Program, she will be a mentor for a fellow immigrant artist. Summer 2016.

Mass MOCA Assets for Artists Residency. North Adams, MA  (September 2016)

Open Studios at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (October 2016)

Solo exhibition title TBD at Wavehill’s Sunroom Project Space (October 29- November 30)

2017 (Upcoming)

+/- Project Space. Soho20gallery. Individual Exhibition. (date and title TBD)  Brooklyn, NY

At Randall’s Island for FLOW.16, through November; Review of Cuchifritos solo exhibition:  Artfuse and Bedford and Bowery.

By Jan Garden Castro

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