David Nash at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This book is much more than a catalogue for the David Nash exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (which runs through February 27th). In addition to the fine photography of the work in the show (by Jonty Wilde), there are essays by Annie Proulx, Ben Tufnell, Sabine Schlenker, the artist, and Claire Lilley and Peter Murray of YSP.

There is a delightful “family tree” drawing showing the lineage of Nash’s work, as well as a bibliography and lists of films, exhibitions, and works in public collections. Also very valuable is a series of photos of “Planted works,” from Ash Dome (begun in 1977) through Seven by Seven (2001), accompanied by a drawing and Nash’s meditation on time.

And there are three very interesting appendices: a photo archive of Capel Rhiw (Nash’s chapel-studio), some showing the artist at work and one showing a sheep having a taste of a work-in-progress; a series of photographs of work sites from 1978 to1990; and a final series of photographs documenting the making of the new works for the YSP show.

All together, the book presents a history of Nash’s work, a glimpse at his process, a hint of his deep understanding of trees and wood, and an assessment of his substantial importance to contemporary sculpture.

Book Information:
David Nash at Yorkshire Sculpture Park,
edited by Sarah Coulson, Claire Lilley, and David Nash.
West Bretton: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2010.
Hardcover, 176 pages, £23.99.

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