Two Books by Sculpture Magazine Contributors

Carolee Thea follows up on her book, foci: Interviews with 10 International Curators, published in 2001 by ApexArt Curatorial Program, with a new collection of conversations with some of the most interesting and influential curators on the international scene. Many of them are particularly strongly associated with sculpture and sculptors. The earlier collection demonstrated Thea’s interest in the phenomenon of the biennial exhibition, including interviews with Hou Hanru, Dan Cameron, Kasper Koenig, Rosa Martinez, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Harald Szeemann, and others. The new collection includes discussions of that phenomenon (represented by Okwui Enwezor and others) but also conversations on with Mary Jane Jacob, whose exhibitions have challenged the boundaries of public space, and Rirkrit Tiravanija, whose exhibitions have been at the forefront of the new Relational Aesthetics. All ten interviews are interesting and valuable.

Margaret Sheffield’s new book explores the aesthetics and content of sculpture’s edges, from classical Greece to contemporary sculpture. She identifies three kinds of edges, “containing,” “expansive,” and “in flux,” as she investigates the progression from Classical to Baroque to contemporary sculpture. Her book investigates the meaning and form of edges from Michelangelo to Noguchi, Rodin to Boccioni, Bernini to Abakanowicz, with special focus on current work by Maya Lin, Robert Lobe, Jian Jun Zhang, and Giuseppe Penone. The copious illustrations (mostly black and white) are a valuable addition to the discussion. The scope of the discussion, aesthetically, historically, and geographically, is impressive.

Book Information:
On Curating: Interviews with Ten International Curators

By Carolee Thea
Paperback, $29.95. 120 pages.
New York: D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers

The Expressive Edge

By Margaret Sheffield
Paperback, $37.95.120 pages.
New York: Charta Books

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