Los Outsiders

Los Outsiders Sculpture

Installation view, Gently Fried. Courtesy Los Outsiders

Founded in 2007, Los Outsiders is a powerhouse of a curatorial collective in Austin, TX. Made up of artists Jaime Salvador Castillo, Michael Anthony García, Hector Hernandez, and Robert Jackson Harrington, Los Outsiders is a group of forward thinking change makers invested in community engagement, opportunity creation, and the responsibility of place. Michael Anthony García kindly took the time to share the history of Los Outsiders and give us a peek into their future projects. Continue reading

Illegal Venn Diagrams

Kadist Foundation MOCAD Sculpture

Installation photo from United States of Latin America at MOCAD, 2015. Courtesy of Kadist Foundation and MOCAD.

Not long ago, a Venn diagram could get someone into serious trouble.  After a coup seized control of Argentina in 1976, they were banned from schools and textbooks, perceived by the ruling military junta as conducive to seditious ideas.  Suddenly, when we’re given this context, the seemingly innocuous Venn diagram sculptures of Amalia Pica resonate with subversive, historical significance. Continue reading

Giving your work to art writers


Art critic and historian Irving Sandler doesn’t just write about art, he has a collection of dozens of two- and three-dimensional works by noted artists of the postwar era. For instance, there is a large-scale Joan Mitchell painting in his living room that he has pledged to donate to the Brooklyn Museum upon his death. However, he said, “I’m not a collector,” meaning that what he owns he didn’t buy. These works were gifts from artists he reviewed favorably, a few were wedding gifts. The artists had become his friends. There was “no quid pro quo, so no ethical problem, because the gifts were given after a review was published and not in order to influence what I was going to write.” Continue reading

The Absences of Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky

Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky Sculpture

Bad Neighbour, oak, pine, fir and birch veneer, resin, 2014. Photo by Richard Winchell

It’s not the most profound thing to say that we humans like the look of things. The whole notion of doing things like “getting to the heart of the matter,” or seeking out the “essence of things” is really just a load of philosophical bollocks, don’t you think? We are visual, aural and tactile beings that seem to prefer to skim along the surface, take in the touchy-feely-smelly-tasty-noisy patinas of the world. We do seem largely estranged from seeking meaning in and from depth – even if it were indeed possible. Continue reading

Artist Residencies in Multiple Studios – An Interview with Claudia Alvarez

Claudia Alvarez Sculpture

Mirarla, 2011, Watercolor over stoneware, Floor Installation 36″ X 15′ X 12′

Today’s “In the studio” explores Claudia Alvarez’s studio practice during diverse residencies. Alvarez’s residencies and awards include the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, the Art Students League, and Art Matters Foundation, all based in New York; SASAMA, Shizuoka, Japan; SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico; and The McKnight Foundation grant for a residency at Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis. Three additional awards by invitation are PV Art, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Gruber Jez Foundation, Cholul, Mexico; and FUTUR near Zurich.  Continue reading

Gabriel Valansi – El Ilusionista

Gabriel Valansi Sculpture

Gentileza Galería Rolf Art (www.rolfart.com) Gabriel Valansi, Wind, 2014-15, interlace digital de 24 frames de archivo documental montados en 20 módulos lenticulares, 200 x 350 cm

Todos mentimos, indefectiblemente. Es algo inherente a la condición humana. El hombre crea ficciones todo el tiempo para relacionarse con el otro, con el mundo. Quizás sin ellas, la vida sería insoportable. Y en este escenario, el rol del arte puede ser fundamento para que la ilusión se despliegue. Fantaseamos, creamos universos paralelos a una realidad que creemos que existe como la percibimos, pero tampoco estamos seguros que sea tal. El arte nos engaña todo el tiempo: es la madre de todas las ilusiones. Continue reading

The Gap: Selected Abstract Art from Belgium

The Gap Sculpture

The Gap: Selected Abstract Art from Belgium curated by Luc Tuymans. Installation view at Parasol unit, 2015. Photograph: Jack Hems. Courtesy of Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art.

Featuring around 40 works from fifteen artists, The Gap: Selected Abstract Art from Belgium is an exploration of the notion of abstraction across a broad spectrum of interpretations. Currently showing from now until the beginning of December at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art in London, the exhibition is curated by Belgium artist Luc Tuymans and seeks to follow the thread of abstraction through different generations and mediums, drawing attention to the influences which more contemporary artists carry from their predecessors while also exploring the diversity of artist practice and approach surrounding abstraction. Continue reading


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