Norma Siguelboim-Visita al taller

Norma Siguelboim Sculpture

Envolturas Pequeño Formato, 2012-2013. Cuero, h: 0.10 x 0.10 x 0.10

Formada en las disciplinas del dibujo y la escultura en los talleres de Althaus, Aurelio Macchi,  Pájaro Gómez y La Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes,  Ernesto de la Cárcova, Norma Siguelboim, desarrolló una obra con un marcado estilo propio donde la abstracción y la figuración se confunden, la línea geométrica se combina con materiales como cuero, sogas, hierro, pvc, acero inoxidable, madera, entre otros; materiales con una contundente presencia física y una solidez notable que la artista pone a prueba desafiando lo rígido y logrando crear formas altamente expresivas y sensibles. Continue reading

Looking for answers on public memorials and monuments. Two proposals

Nomanslanding Sculpture

Robyn Backen, Andre Dekker, Graham Eatough, Nigel Helyer and Jennifer Turpin, Nomanslanding, 2015.
Image: Darling Harbour / Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

During this centenary of WWI (2014-2018) a great number of ceremonies and memorials are proliferating in most of Europe in remembrance of the victims of the Great War. Australia, so far away as it is from that battle ground, is not indifferent to this sad anniversary as this year they celebrate the creation, 100 years ago, of the ANZAC, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, that took part, among others, in the tragic battle of Gallipoli in Turkey where 8,000 of them died. Nowadays, Anzac Day (25th April) also remembers to all Australians that lost their lives in WWII and in subsequent military actions up to date. Continue reading

The Sculpture Ranch and Galleries in Johnson City, Texas



About an hour and a half outside of Austin in the small town of Johnson City, TX there is a beautiful ranch nestled in the dramatic Texas hills just a few miles away from the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site. The property, owned by LBJ himself in the 1960s, was the home and studio of the artist Benini and his wife Lorraine from 1999 until 2014. In the fall of last year Historian Tracy N. Poe, PhD and Molecular Pharmacologist Greg F. Sullivan II, PhD bought the property and began their transition from Chicago to Texas. They are currently working on their unique vision for this spectacularly beautiful ranch.  Continue reading

Ryan Legassicke: Wall Disease

Ryan Legassicke Sculpture

Shadows (vacant lot) – mesh on steel, tallest structure is 27′, 2014. Image courtesy the artist.

The Berlin Wall sits in my desk drawer.

Well, a tiny piece of it, anyway. It’s in a small, zip-locked bag with a certificate of authenticity. I acquired it by correctly answering a question posed on a program broadcast by the shortwave radio station Radio Deutsche Welle in 1989 as the Wall fell, and the two Germanys moved toward reconciliation. Continue reading

Art Outside of the City

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum. Photos by Adam Rothstein. Courtesy of the Noah Purifoy Foundation. Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture, Joshua Tree, CA

Outsider art is intended as a term denoting particular circles and scenes of art production, but I like to think of it in terms of art that is literally outside. Like Simon Rodia’s Watts Towers, or Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain, I enjoy the journey necessary to see outsider art, more than the artists’ detachment from any particular school, method, or medium. Out in the desert, or in the areas of LA where “most people don’t go” (except the people who live there, of course) art can exist apart from the institutions and gallery spaces that enable and sustain certain modes of production. Continue reading

Unfolding the Archive Review

Sarah Carne Sculpture

Installation shot of “I’m Looking for Barbara” by Sarah Carne. Image by writer

There is something quite apt about making an artist’s book in response to an archive – beyond the more obvious similarities of physical format. Both sit in the traditional sense as prescript systemisations, located on the periphery of art making; they are often awkward realms where old material is circled or shoehorned.  Continue reading

The Competitive Advantages of Your “Secret Sauce”

Success in business is a lot like sports when it comes to competitive advantages

Success in business is a lot like sports when it comes to competitive advantages

Competitive advantages are the things that allow a company or organization to outperform its competitors in the marketplace of products, services and even ideas. These advantages can take on many forms from brick and mortar facilities to more intangible things like an organization’s reputation and customer base. Continue reading


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