Moments of Truth? Yuri Pattison’s ‘Free Traveller’ at Cell Project Space, London

Yuri Pattison Sculpture

8. Free Traveller, 2014, installation detail, Cell Project Space. Photo by Mariell Amelie

During the recent election in New Zealand, the campaign was marred by several high profile controversies surrounding the hacking of emails and the possible collusion of the governing National Party in mass surveillance of New Zealand citizens as part of the Five Eyes intelligence arrangement. In August of this year, a month out from the election, investigative journalist Nicky Hagar published Dirty Politics, in which he alleged people within the government had worked in secret with a right-wing attack blog called ‘Whale Oil’ to attack and discredit opponents. The source of the emails used as evidence was revealed as a hacker known only as ‘Rawshark,’ who proceeded to leak documents over Twitter supporting the book’s claims shortly after its release. Continue reading

L.A. Artist Gary Simpson


Gary Simpson Sculpture

Current mix of all 193 countries magnified 125 times.

Ever since September 11th, 2001, when the World Trade Center complex in New York was struck by al-Qaeda terrorists and collapsed, killing almost 3,000 people, artist Gary Simpson has been making artwork  that sifts through the trauma of those events , visually underscoring  our human responsibility  to care for the planet we all call home. Indeed, according to today’s astrophysicists, amidst the planets in our solar system, earth alone supports what we call human life.  From the vantage point of our ‘aloneness’ in our solar system, it is intriguing and knowing that Simpson’s choice artistic material is the soil of the earth itself. Continue reading

Art on Loan



Without much fear of contradiction, one can say that artists want to exhibit their work and sell their work, too. When you yell into a canyon, you want to hear an echo. Getting that exhibition opportunity and making a sale, however, is rarely a given, leading artists to try alternatives. Some artists have found one option to be loaning their work, and they are discovering that a growing number of municipalities, as well as universities and museums, around the country are interested in receiving short- and long-term loans of artwork. Continue reading

Crowd Sourcing Ben Franklin’s Bust

Ben Franklin Sculpture

Composite image of completed 3D prints, photographed before being shipped.

Ben Franklin rises again. Only, this time instead of being an undead character in a series of children’s books, Ben Franklinstein is the loving nick-name given to a project that crowdsources the 3D-printed reproduction of Jean-Antoine Houdon’s portrait bust of the inventor and founding father. For Todd Blatt, organizer of the project, this is his second crowdsourced 3D-printing project of the year. Continue reading

Intimate Horizons

Bahar Yurukoglu, Omun, 2014. Courtesy Bahar Yurukoglu and Disjecta. Photo Credt: Evan La Londe

Bahar Yurukoglu, Omun, 2014. Courtesy Bahar Yurukoglu and Disjecta. Photo Credt: Evan La Londe

There is a point at which space collapses into stuff.

Space requires a freedom of motion. It is what we pass through, can climb over and around, have the ability to get underneath and to summit its peak. Space is landscape, it is architecture, it is terrain, and it is potential. It is what we want to touch, transit, explore, and live within.

And then there is all the rest. Continue reading

In the Foundry with Dick Polich: Metal Seer

Tallix Beacon Sculpture

Tallix in Beacon, 1988, Courtesy Dick Polich

What do Frank Stella, Janine Antoni, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons, Martin Puryear, and Joel Shapiro have in common?  The Polich Tallix Foundry. Dick Polich, both an early pioneer and present leader in fabricating sculpture, is the focus of an exhibition at the Dorsky Museum in New Paltz that highlights his foundry’s fifty-year history and its range of artists and processes. Continue reading


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