Interview with Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison Sculpture

Ethel, 2013, detail, mixed media, 22cm x 13cm x 14cm. Courtesy of the artist.

The pretty young ladies from Jessica Harrison’s porcelain sculptures embody grace, poise and gentility even while cradling their bloodied intestines, figure-skating after being scalped or posing post-disembowelment and post-decapitation. These charming creatures do not seem to mind being mutilated. As lovely zombies, they shouldn’t be upset because Harrison is not doing violence to them. She is actually eviscerating the tradition that they represent. Continue reading

Reykjavik’s Thriving Street Art Scene

Heart Park Sculpture

Heart Park In The Midnight Sun, Reykjavik, 2012. Photo credit unknown

A recent exploration of Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik led to the discovery of a lively and evolving street art scene. A walk around the city reveals fresh work at every turn, so if you visit, expect to peer down quite a few alleyways. Some murals are created with permission from private building owners and some are less formal, but either way, the sheer variety is one of the strengths of the scene. Continue reading

I Want to Make a Phone Call


This past March, in the city of Laguna Beach, California, a tribute to the past was wryly transformed into a work of art by Michael Graham. As in years past, he decided to respond to the city’s call for a new temporary artwork that will remain in situ for roughly two years. For its site, the artist proposed to create a sculptural ode to the telephone era, which has predominantly been replaced by digital technologies. Continue reading

Margo Sawyer’s REFLECT

Margo Sawyer Sculpture

Margo Sawyer with REFLECT by Randy Kerr

Margo Sawyer’s REFLECT at Austin’s UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum is a sumptuous set of installations that contemplate site, time, personal history, and a broader historical narrative. Drawing from her early experiences traveling to wartime Egypt in 1973, she and the sixteen others on the trip experienced notable and sacred sites without the distraction of crowds, as they were the only tourists allowed in the country at that time. Continue reading

QR codes for Sculptors – A Mobile Marketing Opportunity?

qr code sculpture

Ok, you have probably seen them and if you have the proper app you may have even scanned one using your mobile phone. QR codes or 2D barcodes are like product barcodes on packaging where a series of lines or squares (in this case) represent information. In the case of QR codes this information is used to connect the person scanning the code to a website or other internet address, display text, send a text message or fill out a virtual address card (Vcard). Continue reading


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